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Left-Handers Have Their Day!

Right-handers beware! Things will be taking a sinister turn on 13th August 2003, as left-handers mark the 11th annual Left-Handers Day celebrations by declaring their homes and offices "Lefty Zones" where right-hand dominance, for once, will be banned. The 28,000 members of The Left-Handers Club, and the thousands of visitors to the website will be celebrating their sinistrality by turning the tables on right-handers, who will experience how awkward and frustrating it can be living in a "back-to-front-world".

Organised by the International Left-Handers Club, the purpose of Left-Handers Day is to create awareness among the right-handed majority, in a light-hearted way, of the problems right-biased design of everything from scissors to sinks, chequebooks to computer mice, or musical instruments to microwaves can have on the 13% of the population who do not use their right hand for tasks. Visitors to the website can win prizes playing a host of games and activities online, including Celebrity Treasure Hunt, and the Sinister Quiz, that will not only reveal the fascinating background of this once forbidden trait, but also highlight the strengths and attributes left-handers bring to society today. They can read greetings from famous lefties, join the lefties chatroom and discover what jobs and hobbies left-handers prefer, with the results of the Left-Handers Club year-long survey of Lifestyle Groups.

One final warning to all right-handers who venture on to the site - if they should happen to win one of the many prizes being given away just remember... it will be left-handed and they have to use it! After all, it is Left-Handers Day!

The current site is being updated and will be relaunched on 13th August 2003 for visitors worldwide to celebrate Left-Handers Day.

The International Left-Handers Club is free to join from the website , and currently has 28,000 members worldwide. It hosts a forum for club members, has regular newsletters and special offers, and usually co-ordinates events worldwide to celebrate Left-Handers Day on 13th August each year.

This year, Left-Handers Day celebrations will be focused on internet-based activities in order to reach more people wanting to take part. The event is sponsored by specialist retailer Anything Left-Handed Ltd who will be donating prizes to competition winners.


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