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Welcome to the Dude Ranch of Missouri

We have great colt pictures for your enjoyment. This seems to be the year of the fillies. Six of seven have been fillies.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do. It seems we can watch the colts play forever. The palomino colt was playing and running in the dew laden grass early one morning and was really trying her new legs on for speed. Well, she slipped and fell. It was funny how she reacted. At first she looked around to see if anyone had seen her accident. She seemed unsure as to whether anyone witnessed her mishap, so, just to be safe, she reached down and acted like she was eating grass. Now we all know that young colts don't eat much grass, but she acted like she planned that fall just so she could get a bit of grass. The question then. Are colts vain? I really don't know, but she sure acted like it. Maybe she is going to be a show horse. After all, she is out of a world champion sire in the Missouri Fox Trotting Breed, Southern Sunrise.

Besides colt watching we feature horseback riding, cattle and horse drives, and horse training and Big Beaver River. Imagine taking the best vacation of your life at a dude ranch in Missouri. Just think of all the travel time and money saved. The cool, fresh Ozark mountain air, the seclusion, the feel of a ranch horse beneath you as you cross the river and trails. The feeling of being one of the ranch hands as you check the horse and cattle herds. The sheer excitement of the sight and sound of a herd of horses racing on the distance hill. The warmth of shared time with family and friends at the river fishing and swimming. We look forward to meeting your vacation needs and sharing the many unique ranch experiences.

Ulrike does it all on two first time horses

Well, some people do and some don't. What am I talking about? The desire to be the first rider up on a young horse. A certain young lady from Germany did it twice. She rode Black Hawk and then Dreamer's Pride. A pair of three year old fillies that got their first saddle blanket, saddle, bridle and rider in less than one hour. The amazing thing was that they didn't buck with the rider. One did buck rather generously with her first saddle but soon grew tired of bucking. We are pleased with the Monty Roberts "Join Up" training method and so are the horses.

Ulrike exhibited a very professional ride and was very much in control of her emotions. This is a must when riding the first time horse. Did you know that the horse can detect your pulse rate. This may seem strange but think about it; they can feel a fly on their skin and shake it off. Rest assured they can feel your pulse rate. If you get scared then they think they should get scared also. Thus the point is made; to ride the first time horse you must be calm. Eddie the new wrangler on the ranch was the only one disappointed with Ulrike ride. Why? Eddie said " She is trying to get my job."

Colt training demonstrations are a regular feature at Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch. Be sure to ask for it when you book your vacation. Who knows you might be the first rider up. Some do and some don't.

Cattle Drives

Do you want a real challenge? Try herding one hundred cows into a small enclosure. Talk about team penning. That's team penning on a grand scale. This is where your horsemanship and cattle savvy is put to the test. As one old cowboy said "There is many a slip between the cup and the lip." The same is true when herding cattle. About the time everything is going right a wild cow will try to break free and take the herd with her. That is when it gets real interesting. One cowboy has to bring her back while another holds the herd. For you that want to learn about cattle herding. You need to be familiar with the term "flight zone". This is the distance from the cow that makes her reaction. Move closer and she runs, move back and she walks or stops. The real challenge comes in adjusting this distance which seems to change for a variety of reason at a moments notice. Its is hard to explain; so book your vacation and we will show you. After all Missouri is the "Show Me" State.

When you book at our ranch you will get a chance to try this and many more cowboy experiences. Be sure to mention this newsletter and receive a 5% discount for July. 417-683-2381 email:

Do you have an interesting cattle herding story?

Send it to us and we will consider putting it in the next newsletter.

See ya on the trail! But first you must call to make your reservation. 417-683-2381

Be sure to ask for the July discount special when you call and mention this newsletter.

Happy Trails
C & Sonny Huff


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