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ShowSheen Set To Lead Market For Future Generations

Have you ever wondered why a product remains a market leader while others are here today and gone tomorrow? Showsheen® and other Absorbine® products are sold in over 35 countries and are renowned throughout the World. American manufacturers, W F Young Inc, have revealed why.

Q: W F Young Inc is a long established Company, when was it first started?
A: In 1892 a young entrepreneur named Wilbur F Young, along with his herbalist wife, Mary Ida, created a unique herbal liniment to soothe and heal horses without blistering their skin. The product line developed and Absorbine® products have been used by horse owners and trainers ever since.

Q: What is the key to producing products that stand the test of time?
A: For over five generations, W F Young Inc has provided only the highest quality products to our customers. The ingredients undergo rigorous assessment to meet high standards for purity and quality.

Q: How do you maintain this high standard?
A: Absorbine® products withstand strict quality control procedures, using the most technologically advanced equipment and facilities to assure consistent quality. Every product is reviewed and tested by a panel of experts including vets, farriers, trainers and owners.

Q: Refering to Showsheen®, many people know that it works, but what makes it so good?
A: The formula is, of course, a secret! However we can tell you that Showsheen® is sold in over 35 countries and is the number 1 selling coat polish in the World. The US magazine Horse Journal reported that it produced the "best shine" in comparative trials. It is also excellent at detangling manes and tails but DO NOT apply to the saddle area or you might just find that the saddle slips too!

Q: So what are your tips for using Showsheen®?
A: Here are six top tips make the most of Showsheen®:
" Use once or twice a week to detangle long manes and tails
" Spray sparingly over the body - but not the saddle area of riding horses - and then wipe over with a clean cloth to produce a brilliant show ring shine
" Use on legs and belly area when horses are turned out or ridden in wet and muddy conditions to make cleaning off the mud much easier.
" Regular use makes grooming easier
" Reduces stains and the collection of dust and dirt
" Lasts a week between washing

Q: Showsheen® seems pretty expensive. Why?
A: Absorbine® products have established a reputation as The Horse World's Most Trusted Name® and most of our customers agree that, with unrivalled effectiveness, Showsheen® does provide good value for money.

Q: What developments do you foresee?
A: W F Young Inc continues to bring excitement to the equestrian market with technological advances and progressive new products. The Company is committed to going forward with the same integrity and assurance to quality that the founder guarded so many years ago, balancing modern technology and time honoured tradition.

Q: Where can I get Absorbine® products in the UK?
A: All good equestrian retailers should stock the Absorbine® product range. Just ask for it by name.


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