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The British Horse Society BHS Riding & Road Safety Campaign

* Hickstead Derby Meeting
* Chance to win new 'Pony World' toy

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, a girl is out on her pony riding down the road when suddenly two young men in a car speed round a blind corner. The pony panics, goes to run off, and is forced into a ditch by the speeding car. The driver doesn't stop, and the girl is left on her own with her pony who has possibly broken its leg.

In this case, the girl is Alice Aldridge, the pony Chandler and the driver of the car Jazzer, from the popular radio programme 'The Archers', but if you think that this scenario seems slightly far fetched, here are the facts:

There are over 3000 accidents involving horses on our roads every year - 8 a

So far this year, 6 riders have been killed and at least 11 ridden horses.

The British Horse Society, constantly campaigning for safer riding on the roads.

Hickstead Derby Meeting, incorporating the Peugeot Derby, 23rd - 26th August

For the second year running, the BHS has joined forces with Peugeot in their campaign for safer riding on the roads. This year, Rod Philpot of Peugeot UK has invited the BHS to join them on their stand at the Hickstead Derby Meeting. The BHS will offer advice, and there will be leaflets, dates lists and guidelines for the BHS Riding & Road Safety Test, and information on Hi-Viz gear.

On Sunday 26th August, before the Peugeot Derby, there will be a display of Hi-Viz gear which aims to highlight the need for using it when riding on the roads.

Pony World - Horse & Rider Safety

This 'Barbie sized' horse and rider by Surprise Marketing, has been designed in conjunction with the BHS Safety Department, and for every toy sold, a donation will be made to the BHS Safety Campaign. The toy is a pony and rider in a complete set of Hi-Viz gear. Although not on sale until Christmas, all children have an exclusive opportunity to win one of the toys at the Hickstead Derby Meeting, incorporating the Peugeot Derby, (23rd - 26th August) by visiting the Peugeot stand and entering into the colouring competition.

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