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Dressage Wizard Crosses International Waters

Once named the Bad Boy of his industry by the Los Angeles Times for his signature performance "Country with Class", Michael Pariseau has been invited to perform at Equitana Asia Pacific, November 22, 23,24 and 25, 2001.

Operating out of his property, Hidden Springs Equestrian Center & Stallion School in Moreno Valley, Calif. Michael works and lives with his two children and horses. Michael is a native born Californian, he has been training horses for many years. His greatest passion is the Friesian Horse, which he chooses to concentrate on because of its natural beauty, intelligence, presence and willingness to please. Michael also is training a white English Shire and a Brahma Bull & Michael is proficient in many different styles of riding but prefers High School Dressage for the challenge it presents to both himself and his animals. Michaels training methods are based out of love and respect, which he believes is the only way to get the most out of any animal.

Michael has been seen at many large equine and Pet events. Michael's first appearance on Horsemen's Talk Radio was at the Greater Northwest Equine Exposition in Albany, OR. Another interview was held at the 3rd annual Western State Horse Exposition in Sacramento, Calif. Jim Campbell said to Michael, "you are becoming the center of attraction at most of these shows, we got here the other day and all we heard was Michael Pariseaus here, Michael Pariseau's Here". August 25, 2001 Michael will attend Dressage in the Wine Country in Santa Rosa; Calif. Michael will be exhibiting his Friesian stallions and White Shire Stallions in the breed demonstration, afternoon Clinic and the Mane Event with Willem S., a Magnificent Friesian Stallion. The following statement is made by Colleen Lethbridge, As Director of Equitana Asia Pacific's "Mane Event" I would like to advise that we consider Michael to be one of our "Star" International attractions. As such, will be giving him (and his sponsors) top billing and media attention via our publicity agent Prue Basset Publicity (Melb Comedy Festival, Disney on Ice, Melb International Festival etc.), who did such a wonderful job for us last year.

A brief summary the results of last year's Equitana Asia Pacific is as follows: -

- 70,000+ people through the gates (expectation for a first time event 45,000-50,000 - exceeded attendance figures of Equitana USA by approx. 20,000)

- 25,000 people attended the Mane Event - i.e. all 5 shows sold out (seating is being increased to 7,500 x 5 shows this time to accommodate demand)

- 90% of exhibitors exceeded sales expectations and have re-booked or increased space for 2001 (exhibition area is being increased by 25% to accommodate increase and new bookings )

- All sponsors from 1999 exceeded their expectations of profile and business and have re-committed for 2001

- Equitana 1999 received the "Merit" award in the Victorian Tourism Awards and has now been elevated to "Hallmark Event" status by the Victorian Government, putting us in the same category as the Grand Prix, Melbourne International Festival, and the AFL Grand Final).

- Projections for crowd numbers for 2001 are in excess of 100,000

Michael has been invited to attend this event as their "Star" performer to do training clinics and of course the Mane Event. Michael and his Friesians will be fling to Australia in Oct of 2001 for the November event. A grueling 21day in Quarantine here in the United States then 14 day in Australia just to give Australia a show they will remember for years to come. Michael will be performing one 45 minute demonstration on Nov 22 and Nov 24. Michael will be doing the Mane event Nov 22, 23, 24, and 25. Equitana has given Michael a prime location for his Friesians and sponsors to be displayed in the exposition. Michael is still excepting sponsors for this event.

For more information about Michael Pariseau and Equitana Asia Pacific you can go to www.Equitana.Com.Au or .

Michael is proudly sponsored by

Jet Pets, Inc.

Rosebud Shavings

Herbal Pet, Inc.

Healing Tree Products, Inc.

Hamilton Products, Inc.


DeBoer Royal Friesians

Michael would like to thank his sponsors very much for their support. proudly endorses (Rosebud)

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