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Culpeper Cosequin® U.S. Grand Prix League Qualifiers to Be Held at Winston National and Constitution Classic Horse Shows at HITS Culpeper

CULPEPER, VA (August 13, 2001)--HITS Culpeper, a series of six horse shows held from April through September at Commonwealth Park in Culpeper, Virginia, presents two back-to-back shows in August that both feature qualifying classes for the Cosequin® United States Grand Prix League Invitational Finals. The upcoming horse shows are the Winston National, August 15-19, and the Constitution Classic, August 22-26. The final event of the series, the Cosequin® USGPL Invitational Finals, will be held from September 26 through September 30 at Commonwealth Park. The Invitational Finals is not only the final event of the HITS Culpeper series, but also the final week in the 33 weeks of HITS horse shows in 2001 and the final event in the Cosequin® USGPL 2001 series.

The Cosequin® USGPL is a league comprised of more than 45 major equestrian events nationwide offering Grand Prix Show Jumping Events. This year's Finals will include competition in four divisions: Grand Prix, Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper High, Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Low, and Pre-Green Hunters. Each division's Final is by invitation only, and the top 30 riders nationally in each division will be invited to compete without entry fees. Riders in the jumper divisions qualify based on money earned, and pre-green hunters qualify based on points earned during the League season. The Top 10 riders in each of the categories as of August 13, 2001, are as follows:

Grand Prix Top 10 as of August 13, 2001
Place Winnings Horse Rider
1 $68,583.33 Southshore Richard Spooner
2 $66,366.66 Robinson Richard Spooner
3 $55,500.00 Maloubet Hap Hansen
4 $55,000.00 What Nu Todd Minikus
5 $45,700.00 Cable Ian Silitch
6 $44,900.00 Fleur Ray Texel
7 $41,000.00 Hidden Creek's Perin Margie Goldstein-Engle
8 $37,333.33 Grace Tracy Fenney
9 $36,500.00 Fine Line Jonathon Millar
10 $36,000.00 Millcreek's Raphael Eric Lamaze

Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper High Top 10 as of August 13, 2001
Place Winnings Horse Owner/Rider
1 $10,150.00 Heart Of The Night Dana Waters
2 $9,650.00 Carnival Bouncer Jessica Beavers
3 $7,500.00 Laudatius Molly Warmington
4 $7,350.00 Diejasper Evan Coluccio
5 $6,700.00 Glenn 93 Yuko Itakura
6 $6,075.00 Ever After Stacie B Ryan
7 $5,000.00 Airmail Andrea Strain
$5,000.00 Jewels Idaim Jonathan Phillips
8 $4,725.00 Catch The Wind Kristen Mulhall
9 $4,175.00 Elan Soclair Stella Manship
10 $4,050.00 Mable Michelle Pia

Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Low Top 10 as of August 13, 2001
Place Winnings Horse Owner/Rider
1 $4,575.00 Cash City Courtney Norris
2 $3,500.00 Zyko Andrew Ross
3 $3,450.00 Malacca Tedra Bates
4 $3,000.00 Contender Kristen Mulhall
$3,000.00 Dutch Royal Courtney Anne McKay
5 $2,950.00 Genesis L Stella Manship
6 $2,600.00 Houston Darby Toben
7 $2,425.00 Isabelle Ashley Latasha
8 $2,250.00 Summer Salute Barbara Rochford
9 $2,125.00 Eloa Claudia De Dominicis
10 $2,000.00 Kassis Lauren To

Pre-Green Hunters Top 10 as of August 13, 2001
Place Points Horse Owner Rider
1 146.00 Forever Scarlet Stephanie Fulton Wayne McLellan
2 115.00 Diva Elizabeth Gabler Lucy Stewart
3 114.00 Bounty Arrow Course Inc King Hackley III
4 109.50 Time And Again Cathy Mendez John French
5 95.00 Aquavit Ian Michaels Scott Hofstetter
6 90.50 Konkordia Gray Wolf Farm Peter Pletcher
7 83.50 Sno White Quiet Hill Farm Jennifer Jones
8 82.50 Easier Said Carol Stillwell David Connors
9 72.00 Noah Betty Beran Betty Beran
10 63.00 Feather In My Cap Mrs. Clayton Stone Tracy Fenney

Riders at the upcoming Winston National and Constitution Classic Horse Shows
will have the opportunity to compete in the following USGPL Qualifiers:

Pre-Green Hunters Wednesday August 15 & Thursday, August 16
Pre-Green Hunters Wednesday, August 22 & Thursday, August 23
$5,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Low Classic Sunday, August 19 & Sunday,
August 26
$10,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper High Classic Sunday, August 19 &
Sunday, August 26
$50,000 HITS Grand Prix Sunday, August 19 & Sunday, August 26

For more information about HITS Horse Shows and the Cosequin® U.S. Grand Prix
League, contact HITS at (845) 246-8833 or visit For information about the Cosequin® USGPL, contact League Representative Eileen Edwards at

Directions: HITS Commonwealth Park is located at 13256 Commonwealth Parkway in Culpeper, Virginia, 3.5 Miles Off Route 522 South. During HITS Culpeper Horse Shows, call 540-825-7469 for more information.

HITS Culpeper 2001 Show Dates:
HITS I Commonwealth National April 18-22
HITS II Showday National July 4-8
HITS III Cavalier Classic July 11-15
HITS IV Winston National August 15-19
HITS V Constitution Classic August 22-26
HITS VI Cosequin® USGPL Finals September 26-30
Featured Events:
$50,000 EMO Grand Prix Sunday, April 22 1pm
$50,000 Rio Vista Grand Prix Sunday, July 8 1pm
$50,000 HITS Grand Prix Sunday, July 15 1pm
$50,000 HITS Grand Prix Sunday, August 19 1pm
$50,000 HITS Grand Prix Sunday, August 26 1pm
$25,000 Wild Card Grand Prix Friday, September 28
Marshall & Sterling League Semi Finals Friday, September 28 and Sunday,
September 30
$5,000 Marshall & Sterling Pony Jumper Final Saturday, September 29
$25,000 Pre-Green Hunter Invitational Final
sponsored by Stillwell-Hansen & Four Winds Farm Saturday, September 29
$15,000 JR/A-O Low Invitational Final Sunday, September 30
$25,000 JR/A-O High Invitational Final Sunday, September 30
$100,000 Cosequin® Invitational Grand Prix Sunday, September 30

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