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605 Alcatraz Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609 USA

"With Equestrian Tact..." to air nationally in mid October

A special edition of "With Equestrian Tact: The International Video Magazine of the Equestrian Sports" will air nationally during the week of October 15, as a 'prime time' HorseTV presentation on the America One television network.

The half-hour program will contain segments from the series pilot and excerpts from upcoming programs in the "With Equestrian Tact..." series.

Featured in the presentation will be interviews with Ekkehard Brysch, President of the International Sport Horse Registry and the Oldenburg Registry N.A., Ariat International President Elizabeth Cross and internationally renowned course designer Leopoldo Palacios. Mr. Palacios designed the jumping courses used during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Previews will include excerpts from conversations with Fédération Equestre Internationale Assistant Secretary General, Michael Stone and noted Dressage judge Mary Ann McPhail.

The program is hosted by Katrina Barclay.

HorseTV is the first regularly scheduled, nationally televised programming for the equestrian community.

HorseTV launched on January 1, 2001 and broadcasts a wide variety of selected programs, providing educational, instructional, veterinary, documentary, and show and event programming devoted to owners, riders, breeders and lovers of horses and equestrian sports.

America One Television is a 24-hour general entertainment broadcast network, providing family-oriented programming to select cable systems and television stations throughout the United States. The network currently has over 120 affiliates. Its programming is also provided in-the-clear to C-Band dish owners, and through the Internet via 24/7 webcasts in both high bandwidth and dial-up options.

For air dates and broadcast times in specific communities, please consult the HorseTV on-line calendar:

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