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Equestrian Entertainment Pty Ltd
ABN 40081 374 165

Rene Gasser - the Master of unique Equestrian Entertainment, presents "Gala of the Royal Horses" ™

Rene Gasser has two passions; Horses and Entertainment.

For many years now Rene has bred and trained these magnificent stallions. This, combined with his other love, entertainment, has produced an event the calibre of which, has only been seen historically in the Royal Courts of Europe or demonstrated in the halls of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Rene has assembled in Australia, some 30 Baroque Stallions, featuring the famous Lipizzaners performing "Airs Above the Ground." And other movements of the "haute école", such as the Levade, Piaffe in the pillars, Courbette and the most difficult of all, the Capriole.

Accompanying the Lipizzaners are the "Black Pearls of Europe", the magnificent Friesians. These majestic horses with their gleaming black bodies, long flowing manes and movements as gracious as their free spirit, are a sight to behold.

The pride of Spain is the Spanish Purebred Horse (formerly andalusians) and known in Spain as "Caballos de Pura Raza Española". This noble horse impresses, with its sculptural beauty and proud bearing. These qualities have made him the choice of European Royalty throughout the centuries. Rene has captivated this essence in a performance combining strength, grace and upward agility demonstrated through movements under long reins and accompanied by Flamenco dancers and guitarist.

You have witnessed the famous Lipizzaner, the black Friesian, the noble Spanish horse and now the breed who is often referred to as "Drinkers of the wind", the beautiful Arabian.

The Arabian horse, being the most pure and influential, has for centuries, been selectively bred by desert tribes, exhibiting the inherent qualities of stamina, strength, courage and speed. We present the Arabian Stallions to you at their finest. They perform at liberty, demonstrating individual performances and combined award achievements.

This is truly an event, not be missed.

We can assure you, that whether you come to be entertained or to witness the finest classical horsemanship, the cross section of horse lovers who witness the "Gala of the Royal Horses" ™ will be treated to the very best.


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