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MEP and International Show Jumper Support Slaughter Horse Awareness Ride

Roger Helmer MEP for the East Midlands, and Tim Stockdale, international show jumper, of Roade, Northants are both turning out in support of an awareness raising Ride as it journeys through Derbyshire, Leicestershire and into Northants on its way toWestminster.

The ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) staff and their horses will be continuing their journey from Scotland south when they leave from the Swan Inn,
Milton, Derbyshire on Saturday 17th August.

Everybody who is concerned about the long distance transport of live horses across Europe for slaughter, whether a rider or not, is invited to show their support by joining
the Ride or attending at the start on one of the days that it is in their local area.

Roger Helmer MEP comments, "I have a keen interest in horses and animal welfare and I know this reflects the views of my constituents because I get a large number of
letters from them on the subject.

" I fully support the ILPH in the wonderful work that they are doing to help the slaughter horses on their journey across Europe."

Adds Tim Stockdale, "My horses and I are travelling throughout the year to competitions both at home and abroad, so I know the stresses that they can endure en route - and they travel first class compared to the slaughter horses !

"The horses destined for slaughter within the EU have to travel hundreds and hundreds of miles in desperately cramped conditions, through extreme temperatures without the chance of rest, food or water. In this day and age I cannot comprehend whythey have to be moved such vast distances across Europe for slaughter.

"I wholeheartedly support the work of ILPH and their aim to eventually see the trade in live horses stopped."

An evening talk by Jeremy James, ILPH Transportation Consultant, at Brooksby Melton College, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire on Saturday 17th August at 7.30 pm will let people know more about the slaughter horse transportation issue and how they can help the ILPH. More details about the evening can be obtained by calling Kim Knightley, on 01664 424280.

Those wishing to join the Ride at any phase of its journey, or those wanting more information, should call 0870 908 1927 where they will be able to leave a message.

Full details about the Ride, its route, the start and finish points each day and the transportation of live horses across Europe for slaughter can be found on the ILPH
website at

Slaughter Horse Transportation Awareness Ride 2002

A host of celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and horse sports have pledged their support to a long distance charity ride this summer.
The ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) Transportation Awareness Ride will start from the Border Union Show at Kelso, on Saturday 27th July and will finish in Westminster, London in early September.
The objective of the Ride is to raise awareness of the hundreds of thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys that travel for days in lorries across Europe, in appalling conditions, often without rest, food, or water (from as far afield as Bellarus, Lithuania, and Romania) for slaughter within the European Union.
Comments HRH The Princess Royal, ILPH President, "Most of the very valuable work that the ILPH does towards the welfare of horses transported across Europe for slaughter is not visible - it is 'behind the scenes' working with the European Commission and Governments as well in source countries at a grass roots level.
"I am extremely pleased that, through its Transportation Awareness Ride this summer and in its 75th Anniversary year, the ILPH will be raising public awareness not only to the plight of these poor horses, but to the admirable work the ILPH is doing to help alleviate the suffering in the short term with the long term aim of stopping the traffic altogether."
Jeremy James, ILPH Transportation Consultant, will be giving public talks in towns/villages along the Ride route about work that the ILPH is doing to improve slaughter horse welfare and about his fact finding journeys through Europe. He is no stranger to long distance rides - he rode from Turkey to Wales in 1987, and in 1990 during the collapse of communism he rode from Bulgaria, through Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (as it was then), Poland, East Germany to arrive in Berlin on Unification Day.

Says Pam St. Clement, well known TV personality and animal lover, "The traffic in horses and donkeys across mainland Europe for slaughter is horrific - it is inconceivable that in the 21st century this is allowed to happen. I fully support the work that the ILPH is doing and their efforts to improve the welfare of these suffering equines. I hope that they achieve their eventual goal of stopping such unnecessary cruelty altogether."
Equine clubs and societies, horselovers and all those concerned about the traffic in live horses for slaughter are invited to join the Ride when it's in their area. The route will be off road as much as possible.
Those wishing to offer their support in any way can call a dedicated phoneline 0870 908 1927 where they will be able to leave a message. Full details about the Ride can be obtained by calling 0870 366 6910. Both of these lines will be operational from 10 May. Additional information can be found on the ILPH website at, in the Horse and Hound, or in local news media.


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