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Helpless in the Heat

Transporting your horse can be very stressful in cool weather, however in the heat the potential hazards that can arise when travelling dramatically increase.

In light of the recent heatwaves across the country, ESS (Equestrian Support Services) have produced a series of guidelines to ensure you keep your horse safe in the heat.

" Firstly, if you have any concerns about your horse's health get a vet to check your horse over before you travel.

" Always ensure that if your horse has been exercised that it has cooled off prior to travelling.

" Make frequent stops. Offer the horse small amounts of water every few hours when it is hot, as horses often refuse to drink when travelling. Ensure that the water is not cold. ESS do not recommend feeding horses in transit on short journeys.

" Give the horse plenty of room to move it's head. Do not tie them on too short a rope, and ensure that they have good airflow by opening any side or roof vents in the horsebox.

" Try to limit transport to cooler parts of the day (i.e. very early in the morning or late in the evening), not only is this more comfortable for the horse but your journey will be easier as there will be less traffic. Furthermore, roadside assistance and recovery will be much quicker if you breakdown and your horse will have less heat stress when waiting for help to arrive.

" ESS also stress the importance of ensuring that your trailer is in good repair and that you keep an emergency safety kit in your trailer. ESS offer an emergency road safety pack which holds essential equipment including both an equine and human first aid kits, a multifunction torch, high visibility jackets and warning triangles. The pack also includes an in-cab telephone charger and a tyre pressure gauge.

In partnership wit the RAC, Equestrian Support Services (ESS) offer breakdown support packages that can take the anxiety out of travelling with your horse in any weather conditions.

ESS provide a highly professional, nationwide service for you, your horse and your horsebox. They are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you breakdown or be involved in an accident. ESS currently support 90,000 horses nationwide.

For more information contact Equestrian Support Services (ESS)
Tel: 01300 348997
Or Visit:


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