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The Equestrian Security Concept

Equestrian & Farming communities are seeing an ever increasing rise in theft & damage to property, the members are also aware of their Insurance cover rising in response, The problems arise in Prevention, Trace-ability, Identification, & Recovery, of Tack, Horseboxes, Isolated Farm Buildings / Stables, and Farm Vehicles.

On the Tack Front :-

I.R.D.Ltd of Chichester West Sussex, in the U.K. are working in Association with the Master Saddle Makers of the Walsall Equestrian Society, to place a Radio Frequency tag in their Saddles whilst at the manufacturing stage, this allows a security system that identifies each stage of ownership from manufacturer, retailer, customer, and if required Insurance Company. This tag would be very difficult to remove without the skills of a Master Saddler, should a thief try to dispose of this tag, he would destroy the saddle rendering it useless to re-sale.

When purchased the owner registers their tack on I R D Ltd database in Chichester.

In time all Saddles will be tagged at source in this, or a similar method, with the availability to log your tack on a permanent Database, making life hard for the average thief to steal your tack, and to re-sale it on.

Trace-ability & Identification :-

We are looking to all personnel within equestrian circles, to help reduce the vast amount of Crime & Theft happening to the existing tack & equipment in use by them, by tagging their Saddles, Blankets, Rugs,

Alarming their Stables & Buildings, with a I R D Ltd, Silent Alarm System, ( Spyminder ) that is operated by using Mobile Phones without landlines, it will warn against Entry, Fire & many other items, It calls up to 10 Numbers simultaneously, giving a fair chance of quick detection.

It would also help by fitting a Locating System to any horse-boxes that do not already carry a tracking system, I R d ltd have a Locator System that has a facility for identifying when a parked Horsebox is moved out of any given field or location by warning you by phone, this allows you the time to warn the authorities well before the box moves too far from your yard or event, It is operated by using your own PC or Laptop, It does not involve a third party cost.

It can be listed on an Database should you not own a Pc or Laptop.


Horse watch and the Police need positive proof of ownership before they can attempt to prosecute against theft, we all need to supply this evidence of proof, to give the authorities a fair chance to help us retain our goods.

Horsewatch are trying, are trying, The Saddle Makers of Walsall are trying, and without the People who use the Tack trying, we will not combat Crime in our Industry.

Try our Website or ring 44 (0) 1243-530949 to contact us for further information


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