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Morningside Stud Establishes Presence in Asia

In the frontier days of the United States, the expression was "Go west, young man." For Tom Reed, the owner of Morningside Stud in County Clare, Ireland, the expression is "Go east - to China!"

Morningside Stud has established a presence in Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China (PRC).  From this new base in Hong Kong, Tom hopes to contribute to the growing interest in equestrian sports in Asia by helping riders and breeders access excellent competition horses and top breeding stock from Ireland and continental Europe.  And with the 2008 Olympics planned for Beijing, PRC, Tom sees boundless opportunities.

"Asia is the continent of the 21st century, and China will be the star nation of Asia," according to Tom.  "Already there is widespread interest in equestrian sports throughout Asia.  In Hong Kong, Thoroughbred racing in king and there is a growing community of showjumping and dressage competitors.  In Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand there is keen interest in a variety of equestrian sports and in building on the strong foundations achieved so far.  Morningside Stud sees opportunities to play a role here by providing a bridge between breeders and trainers in Ireland/Europe and the equestrian communities in Asia.  We believe that Irish Warmblood horses and Irish Sport Horses we breed in Ireland can find a home in Asia.  And we are also keen to use our excellent contacts with top Dutch, German, and Danish breeders and trainers to help develop equestrian sport in Asia."

Morningside Stud is located in Ogonnelloe, Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland and Tom Reed can be reached in Ireland at +353.87.827.4831 or in Hong Kong at +852.9741.1431.

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