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AK High Valley Z TNT Sire of the World


The TNT Sires of the World 2000/2001, the only competition for approved stallions at international level, had run a turbulent course. The final planned for Indoor Brabant was unable to go ahead as a result of the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. For this reason it was decided to postpone the final until September and to have it take place during the World Breeding Jumping Championship in Lanaken. In a competition with two rounds with jump-off, there were as many as fifty stallions participating. Among them the likely candidates for first place, AK High Valley Z (Ahorn x Conte) and Lincoln (Faldo x Bredero).

The conditon for both stallions was that a very good performance had to be produced in Lanaken. The stallion Caretano Z (Caretino x Reichsgraf), who had died before his time, had earned 91 points in the qualifying heats and was leading by a big margin in front of both opponents. Both the Belgian Jos Lansink (AK High Valley Z) and Albert Zoer (Lincoln) were able to get their stallions round the two circuits faultlessly. As well as them, there were five combinations who were able to produce the same top performances. At the commencement of the barrage it was, therefore, already certain that AK High Valley Z would overtake his former stable mate Caretano Z in the final position in the rankings. Whether he would actually win or not depended on Albert Zoer and Lincolns performance; if they could win the final, then they could also win the title. Albert appeared to be able to set a very high tempo but could not avoid knocking down one pole. After the faultless round by AK High Valley Z the decision for the competition was made: winning place for AK High Valley Z, second place posthumously for Caretano Z and third place for Lincoln.

Super Breeders Premium

The Super Breeders premium of 10,000 Euros that Zangersheide Studbook had offered to Breeders of the top three of the competition could only be handed out to one breeder. Mister Bijzitter of Lunteren was, as breeder of Lincoln, personally present to receive his check of 2,000 Euros. Mister Koopmans and Mister Birchler, are the registered breeders of High Valley Z and Caretano Z but were not in Lanaken and therefore forfeited their right to receive the prize money.

New Season

Saturday afternoon's competition in Lanaken was not only the final of last season but was also the first qualifying heat for the TNT Sires of the World 2001/2002. Tlaloc M, the son of Quidam, who formerly belonged to the La Silla stables of Alfonso Romo, won the heats in a convincing manner. This ten-year-old Selle Francais was an easy two seconds faster than Willem Greve's fantastic jumper Le Bon, son of Guidam. Jos Lansink took third and fourth places with, respectively, AK High Valley Z and AK Caridor Z (Caretino x Lantaan) The above-mentioned foursome occupied the highest positions in the half-way scoring for participation in the final during Indoor Brabant in March 2002. The following competition heat will take place in Hannover, Germany.

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