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Introducing the Horse Sports, "With Equestrian Tact."

SportsQuest International (SQI) is today announcing a plan to introduce the
equestrian sports of showjumping, dressage and eventing to school aged
children in a number of North American communities. The program is to be
implemented as a part of the community outreach component supporting the
television series "With Equestrian Tact: The International Video Magazine of
the Equestrian Sports". It will provide enriching, empowering and
entertaining experiences for participating groups and families, at major
riding events held within the North American Free Trade Zone during Calendar
Year 2002.

Tickets to national and international competitions will be purchased by
SportsQuest International and distributed to parents and teachers of
children ages eight to fourteen via sports federations, community
organizations, schools, libraries, churches, mosques and synagogues.
Participants are to be drawn from urban, suburban and rural communities
proximate to important equestrian competition venues.

The plan will seek to expose youth from a wide variety of socio-economic
backgrounds to horse related vocations, and to the sport's Olympic
disciplines at their highest competitive levels.

The concept of a youth outreach program has grown from a frustration
expressed by numerous individuals within the U.S. equestrian community
concerning the lack of well-informed, diverse and appreciative audiences at
some equestrian competitions. "There is nothing more disappointing" say
longtime horsemen, "than entering or attending a competition where the
miniscule audiences are overwhelmingly comprised of the family members,
friends and trainers of the competitors. There should never be a
competition where the organizers do not make an active effort to educate and
involve the total community."

Under the supervision of parents, teachers and youth group leaders,
SportsQuest International will host participating youngsters at select
competitions, including those where SQI's production teams are recording
interviews and feature stories for inclusion in the "With Equestrian Tact."

With the cooperation of show organizers, equestrian organizations and
sponsors, SportsQuest will screen video excerpts, as well as distribute age
appropriate books and rule summaries. The company will seek to arrange
photo and autograph opportunities with leading competitors and to coordinate
brief presentations by riders, coaches, judges, course designers, farriers,
equine massage therapists and others involved in the industry. The horse
industry generates a total of 1,404,400 full-time equivalent jobs in the
United States, and annually pays a total of $1.9 billion in federal, state
and local taxes and fees(1).

It is hoped that the youth outreach program can be implemented in additional
venues and countries during 2003.

Anchored by writer and principal presenter Katrina Barclay, "With Equestrian
Tact." will air in the United States as a HorseTV presentation on the
America One Television network. A preview of the series aired nationally in
the U.S. on Wednesday, October 17. International distribution of the
program is planned. Sponsorship for a thirteen (13) part series is being
actively sought.

North American competitions included in the preliminary "With Equestrian
Tact." production schedule for 2002 include the Palm Beach Dressage Derby
(March 1- 3) in Loxahatchee, FL; Wellington Finale CSIO(2) (March 6 - 10) in
Wellington, FL; MBNA Foxhall Cup (April 18 - 21) in Atlanta, GA; and Rolex
Kentucky Three Day Event (April-25 - 28) in Lexington, KY. Also included
are the Upperville Colt and Horse Show (June 3 - 9) in Upperville, VA;
Spruce Meadows Masters (September 4 - 8) in Calgary, AB Canada; and CSI(3)
Monterrey (October 23 - 27) in Monterrey, Mexico.

Set against the backdrop of international riding and driving competitions,
and incorporating the thematic wealth of classic as well as contemporary
jazz recordings, "With Equestrian Tact." will include interviews with
riders, trainers, owners, breeders and officials involved in various
equestrian disciplines at the national and international levels. Carefully
crafted feature reports examining trends in course design, sport horse
breeding and equestrian fashion are also to be included.

Brief yet informative travelogues will be incorporated into each program.
These segments will colorfully present the special ambience and character of
the beautiful locations in which world class equestrian competitions are
staged. The "With Equestrian Tact." series proposal can be downloaded from:

Full details on the community outreach program will be available in early
January. Interested parties are urged to contact SportsQuest International
by email at: <>

SportsQuest International is a privately held multimedia production company
specializing in the development and promotion of sports related programming
that presents positive, informationally rich themes. The company is based in
Oakland, California (USA).


(1) Source: National Economic Impact Study, The Barents Group LLC (the
specialized economic and fiscal consulting unit of KPMG Peat Marwick LLP).
Commissioned by the American Horse Council

(2) CSIO - Official International Showjumping Competition
(3) CSI - International Showjumping Competition

America One Television

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