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Greatest Training Aid

If you want to make training your horse, any horse-all horses, easier, faster and more effective, study the horse's Zodiac Sign.

"Does that sound like hocus, pocus to you? Well, it isn't," says Don Blazer, noted author and 40-year horse training veteran.

"In fact," says Blazer, "it is probably the only secret which will improve your horse training skills in 5 minutes. It's information about your horse's personality, strengths and weaknesses. And when you have that information you are instantly better equipped to help that horse."Give this some thought, Blazer advises. Training a horse is just a
matter of communication. (Every horse can spin, lope, stop, back, side pass, and do a renvers. We don't teach horses those exercises; we teach them to perform what we ask, when we ask.) And communication is most effective when we understand the thinking, desires and personality traits of those to whom we are delivering our message.

Blazer has trained winners at dressage, jumping, reining, western riding and both English and Western pleasure. He has won stakes races with both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. The author of six how-to books on training techniques and horse health care, Blazer has taught for seven colleges and universities. He is the author and instructor for the online course Training Performance Horses offered by four community colleges."The better you understand your horse, the more effective you'll be in
applying behavior modification techniques. There's no question you will always be working with physical cues and standard training procedures such as desensitization and successive approximation. You'll continue to use positive and negative reinforcers; however, now you'll know which approach to take and why it will be most effective," he explains.

Still think it is hocus, pocus? Then try it, Blazer advises.

Click on your horse's Zodiac Sign on Blazer's web page: Read the two-sentence Sun Sign personality and profile, and determine for yourself if it fits your horse's personality.

But you are still skeptical and say, "How can every horse that's an Aquarius be the same?"

Blazer explains that they can't be and they aren't. "Aquarius horses are all individuals, unique to themselves. But they have certain similarities which we can identify and we can become quite specific about when we isolate universal energy influences. And that is what astrology is: a slice of time which examines the energy influences on an individual at the moment of birth."

Think of it this way, Blazer advises. We can match the unique fingerprints found on a drinking glass to itself among the tens of millions of fingerprints on file around the world. How is that possible? Each unique fingerprint has similarities-whorls, curls, etc., which are grouped, just like a Zodiac sign. The fingerprint is still one of a kind-just as your
horse is-but the fingerprint fits a group of similarities-just like your horse. We still have to study the individual fingerprint, and we still have to study the individual horse.

Blazer says, "Everything in the universe is nothing more than energy, and all energy is connected. The energy from the sun, moon, planets and stars which influences your horse doesn't predetermine anything, and you can't make predictions about what is going to happen to a particular horse. The affect of the energy only creates recognizable personality traits and mental and physical strengths and weaknesses.

"But here's the thing-the more you know about your horse, the easier, faster, more effective you can be in communicating with him," Blazer says. "And any successful horse trainer won't argue that fact whether he or she believes in Astrology or not."

"Know his personality, strengths, weaknesses and you instantly become a better trainer. Your horse instantly benefits," Blazer claims.

"Zodiac horse information is the greatest training tool you will ever possess. No domination, no abuse, no pain infliction. You understand, you think, you act to benefit your horse; and your horse responds in kind," Blazer said.

The Sun Sign is the single most important sign, providing you with the information needed to take your relationships with horses to the highest levels. (A word of caution from Blazer: once you have the information you must give plenty of thought to how you use it. A deeper understanding of horses has powerful potential.)

Knowing the horse's Sun Sign is just the start. It gives you a basis for training any horse of that Sun Sign.To refine your training techniques for specific horses, you want to
know the ruling planet, the moon sign, and the ascendant sign. To know those, you must know the approximate time and the exact place of the horse's birth. Now add information about yourself from your Sun Sign and you can quickly formulate the most effective approach for training any horse.

The Zodiac information instantly offers you a plan for training a specific horse, and having that plan instantly makes you a more effective horse trainer, Blazer notes.

Blazer doesn't worry about those who discredit astrology. Medical science discredited homeopathy, but now embraces it. Acupuncture was said to be ridiculous, but it's accepted now after having proven itself for more than 4,000 years, he points out.It was science which said the Sun was the center of the universe, that nothing heavier than air could fly, that nothing could be smaller than the atom.

"Science has a funny way of telling you that today's truth is nothing more than yesterday's untruth," according to Blazer. "And that is not to say I am trying to discredit science. It is just that in every case we all have plenty to learn and more to discover."

Blazer points out that science can prove the Sun affects your life and science can prove the moon affects your life. So why doesn't a star affect your life? Science doesn't have an answer, yet, he said. "You say you love your horse. "Then open your mind. Try understanding, instead of bigger bits, sharper spurs and longer whips," urges Blazer.

"Try accepting and applying information; or just deny that love exists."

For more information about Sun Signs and The Zodiac Horse, go to, or write to Success Is Easy, 7119 East Shea Blvd., Ste. 109-271, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

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