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We are not just a Registry... We are an Association !!!

Welcome to a bright new future for all Trail Equines......
No longer is your "Trail Horse" grade, generic, or stock!
Or your registered equine... just based on it's bloodlines, instead of it's true proven abilities !

The American Trail Horse Association, Inc., was designed to meet the needs of today's Trail Rider. By providing identification, and registration, we provide proof of ownership and identity to equines that are registered of all breeds and those that cannot be registered purebred. But then, ATHA goes beyond that, by making owners PROVE their trail equines.

Think you own a Trail Horse?
By polling today's trail riders, ATHA has found out what they look for and need out of a true Trail Horse. With that information, ATHA came up with the 7 Stamps of Excellence Program. With this program, in conjunction with "Trail Horse Trials", owners can prove their trail horse's abilities to everyone and have these accomplishments "Stamped" on the back of their Trail Equine's registry papers! This way future and current owners have Proof of Ability that has been witnessed and proven.

Why register Trail Horses? What good are they?
Some of the world's best horses are Trail Horses!
In a poll done by Horse Illustrated Magazine, March 2002, they showed Today's rider, no matter what discipline they ride, trail ride. It may be with just friends, family, a local club, stress relief alone or even professional competitive trail/endurance. With this in mind, alot of the best, calmest, surefooted equines, don't get the acknowledgement of purebred horses. They are know as "Just a Trail Horse". But because they have no knowledge of breed or bloodlines, shouldn't be reason to name them less a horse. They are not grade or generic in any way. It takes a great, trusting equine to be a trail horse. Many horses try to be Trail Horses, but are not.

The Truth about Trail Horses
Because of the high demand in good calm horses, polls also show that most stolen horses are un-papered, un-identifiable horses. With this in mind, ATHA put into effect a bridle tag system and branding program. With your registry papers, your trail equine gets a bridle/halter tag with their registry number and a toll free number to ATHA. Here at ATHA, we keep all equine info in a computer database. If your equine gets lost, missing, or stolen, we can get pictures and detailed info to your local police dept., auction houses, slaughter, etc... FAST! Then with our branding loan program, you can have your equine Freeze Branded by your local vet for a easily seen identifying brand. Equines with this mark, can be identified right away in a herd, as Registered American Trail Horses. So...if someone buys your equine at auction, and traces it's history thru ATHA, it will come back to you. Giving your equine, a past, and a future!

Going Beyond Bloodlines
A new breed is hitting the world by storm. A breed based on ability..not looks or bloodlines.
A breed of companions, best friends, and beloved equines, of all breeds, pure or cross, all colors, all sizes,
all types. A breed that insists that all stallions and breeding mares to be placed in our American Trail Horse Studbook, are proven calm, sane, and trail ride-able. With this, we start a new breed of equine...

Remember ....
In the beginning...all equines were crossed out with others to become the "Breed" they are today. They were all crossed for the best qualities from each breed, and that's what makes them what they are.

If you are as excited about ATHA, as many other Trail Riders... Please stop by our site and check it out!

I hope you enjoy your first hand look at a promising future for Trail Horse Riding, and one
of the fastest growing Associations in the equine world today....the American Trail Horse Association.

ATHA, Inc. Rep


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