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Hippus Bits

The Hippus bit was originally designed by Leith Ryan, an equine dentist, to provide a kinder bit for horses. Leith undertook some extensive research with Dr. Deb Bennet Ph.D., a world renowned expert in horse conformation, to enable him to design a bit with the ideal shape and action for the horse.

The Hippus bits are a major step forward in horse care. The design is radically different to any other bits available, and the concept is based upon placing the horse first and then the rider gaining the benefits. There is no pinch, no pain, no constant tongue and palate pressure; it allows the horse more freedom to balance itself, it aids better respiration and generally improves the quality of life for your horse.

Leith began manufacturing and offering these bits to his customers in Switzerland. The kind action of these bits allowed them to be used on horses with tender mouths or after extensive dental work.

Soon after vets in Germany, Switzerland and France began to recommend the bits to customers as therapeutic bits for their horses.

The kind action of the bits had the by-product of horses being prepared to offer more as they were feeling more comfortable when ridden or driven.

Hippus Bits in the Racing Industry

Racehorses often have problems with their tongues and breathing when racing and the unique design of the Hippus Bits eliminates these problems. The Hippus bits were placed on test in a couple of racing stables in Switzerland to understand how race horses would react to the bit. The results of the tests were surprising. The kindness of the bits meant that the horses were not fighting against the bit in the early stages of the races, and breathing was greatly improved. As a result the horses had more energy left at the end of the race and performances improved. The tests were so successful that the stables concerned were resistant to the bits being made available more widely as they felt they were losing an edge over their rivals.

Hippus Bit Users

Hippus bits recently took two silver positions and three gold positions at the Swiss National Quarter Horse Show 2002 with riders Sebastien Moin and Manuela Witt. Hippus bits are doing well at the highest levels of competition with top Swiss show jumper Beat Mandli who now owns five Hippus bits.

There is no kinder bit available on the market today! Your horse will thank you for buying a Hippus bit.

Specialist Equine are the sole suppliers of the Hippus Bit range in the UK. If you are interested in purchasing bits from the Hippus range or finding out more about the bits, you can contact us at:

Phone: 07799 523002
Fax: 07050 608463
Write: PO Box 55, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 4WT, UK.


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