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Wild Heart Ranch Introduces New Children's Content with the Third Legend of the No More Night Mares Series
...A Generation of Hope ...the legend of the first relationship between little girls and horses

October 4th, 2002 - Point Roberts, WA & Delta, B.C. , <> - Wild Heart Ranch Inc. is pleased to announce, the release of the third legend in our continuing series "No More Night Mares". " A Generation of Hope" is available for reading at the Company's website at <>. The Original No More Night Mares legend was first introduced in 1998.

Wild Heart Ranch's philosophy is based on creating original content and toys for children that are "from the heart". Wild Heart Ranch is a children's entertainment publishing and toy company that has established a growing consumer and specialty market audience for its product line. The Company has redirected focus back to original core specialty markets in an effort to maintain brand integrity. The Company continues to pursue the entertainment markets for television and movies for its content.

In 1998, the Company launched its product line based on an illustrated legend, The No More Night Mares . . . A Dream of Freedom. Based on the characters, the line includes three unique 14" plush mares, with Electroluminescent (EL) lighting technology. A patent was filed and approved for the application of EL in a plush toy. The Company expanded the line to include the "Lucky Stars Collection", a series of twelve, 5" plush horses, audiocassettes and artwork. New lines for 2003 will be based on the characters from the new legends, the Armadillo Cowboy Club and other in - house products under development.

"We have decided corporately to re-evaluate our business strategy and listen to the market tell us where we should be heading. We are a consumer driven product. With the recent release of the Spirit movie, another content and product line based on the story of wild horses, our brand has had to re-think its focus back to its original momentum. Children love and understand the magic of what we create - so we have to go back to the foundation of where we started years ago. A lot of successful toy companies have been built in the consumer, direct and specialty markets and we intend to be one of them," stated founder Dawn Van Zant.

The Company offers a fully developed Kids Club on the web site, featuring all of the legends, interactive content, games and Membership benefits. The Company's first legend, "A Dream of Freedom" introduced three magical Night Mares; Comet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars, which live in the night sky and protect children and wild horses in the land below. The mythical wild mares and their majestic black stallion Eclipse were pursued by two-legged hunters, to the edge of a cliff with no escape in sight. Eclipse called to the powers of the night sky to save his brave mares and his courage was answered as the night mist unravels and forms a pathway to the stars. The second legend, released to our audience in April 2000 "The Sky Stallions" goes back in time to the first stallion that created the legacy for Eclipse's brave heart. The third legend, "A Generation of Hope" introduces the first human emotional connection with horses. It is the legend that explains the beginning of the historical relationships between little girls and hoses. Excerpt:

"Sky lay down quietly on the soft yellow earth and allowed the sunlight to warm her soiled, little face. As the grass gently tickled her she spread her arms out, and stretched her bony fingers, making herself as big as she could possibly be. She lay there waiting for the rush of thunder. She could anticipate the herd was about to move. The horses could sense a strange scent in the land and their flight sent tremors through the earth below them. She could feel the ground tremble through her blood with an exciting, wild cry. When it was over, Sky sat up and looked off into the distance. Her heart ached for the sight of the wild herd, but they had vanished. She felt alone and scared when they were out of her range of vision. Her family, her clan, did not speak to her heart like the herd did. The wild horses called to her spirit in a magical way that she had never known. She could not explain this love in mere words. It was living so deep inside of her, it felt bottomless." © Wild Heart Ranch Inc. 2002

Wild Heart Ranch provides direct links to its online retailers on its website at <> as well as listings of all store locations that carry the No More Night Mares throughout North America.

Wild Heart Ranch is an entertainment, publishing and toy company that designs and markets non-violent children's products that are content driven.

For more information contact Jennifer Randle at 888-889-9213 or email

Certain statements in this press release are "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company's actual results, performance or achievements express or implied by the forward looking statements. Factors that impact such forward looking statements include, among others, the ability of the Company to attract business, risks of competition, and price and margin trends.


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