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Improve your Horse or Ponies Health

Does your horse suffer from Arthritis, Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, Fractures or Tendon Injuries?
Is your horse fatigued or recovering from illness?
Our products offer the following benefits without drugs:
" Aiding recovery from torn muscles, ligaments and tendons.
" Accelerating the healing of bone fractures.
" Reducing swelling, pain and bruising.
" Helping to restore hormonal imbalance and chronic fatigue.
" Improving circulation.

Major Animal and Equine Treatment Centres have been using electromagnetic pulsed devices on Horses and Ponies for many years with great success. The cost and impracticability for horse owners to be able to use these facilities, which obviously involves horses and ponies being isolated and monitored, limits the number of equines that are able to benefit from its tremendous success. Our products now solve the problem!

The products are tried and tested and manufactured by a company that are specialists in the field of IMI (Ionisation by Magnetic Induction) they have spent many years perfecting and developing high-tech magnets that mimic the pulses given off by the expensive electromagnetic devices used in those Equine Treatment Centres. Our Products have been professionally designed in Black Neoprene, with high quality Velcro straps. Each unit contains a pair of the very latest "Multi-directional Central Reverse Polarity" modules, using an isotropic ceramic magnetic material. This enables each unit to mimic the greater depth of field of the most expensive electric units. Other products have only "static" magnets, which do not mimic electromagnetic pulsed devices. Our new Tendon Wraps contain four slimline modules encased in soft cotton. They are simply bandaged in place.

Our products do not require a power supply, or the horse or pony to be transported or isolated. From now on any Horse or Pony owner can use and benefit from the very latest technology at an affordable price. Already top trainers are using our products with excellent results and are finding them a very useful health aid for horses.
" Easy and comfortable to wear.
" Can be fitted or removed in seconds.
" Create no stress for the horse or pony.
" No transportation or isolation.
" Modules carry a lifelong guarantee.
" Low cost reducing vets bills.
" Refurbishment service available for around £10.
" Our Horse and Pony Boots and Tendon Wraps are available for as little as £70.00 per pair.

For more details and to order online from our Secret Store or you can buy them from ourselves The Secret Store, Old Station House, London Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1EP, England.Tel 01342-317423 or email


These products work by magnotherapy, which improves circulation or blood flow.
Increasing blood flow is beneficial as consequently the cellular oxygen levels increase, in addition by rebalancing the pH of cells by encouraging movement of the electrons within them. When pH is correctly balanced the cells can work at their maximum efficiency, and remove toxins, which can delay healing or cause damage to tissue. Thermography, which detects different temperatures within tissue, has shown that there is an increase in blood flow (shown by higher temperatures) when magnets are used. Scintigraphy scanning also measures the uptake of an injected substance; this has shown a 30% improvement in soft tissue and bones that have been treated with magnets

As with all treatments a vet's diagnosis should be sought first, there is no substitute for good medical advice. Magnotherapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments or on its own; it has the advantage of being completely non-invasive. It's quick and easy to apply the products and they have no harmful side effects.

Case Studies. Horses and Ponies.

Although magnets have been used throughout history for their healing properties, one of the first modern scientific uses was for Astronauts. The very first people in space developed space sickness, this was because in space there is no magnetic field. Providing the astronauts with a magnetic field that mimics the earths own magnetic field solved Space Sickness.

Below are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials and unsolicited letters that have been received

Horse - Arthritis
I write regarding the horse boots I recently purchased for my eight year old Irish Draught Gelding "Freeman".
For the past 18 months Freeman has been on two daily doses of Bute and has been unable to compete due to arthritis in his two front fetlock joints. Without the daily doses of Bute this horse was a virtual cripple.
Within one week of fitting the boots (he wears them from 8 pm - 8 am, 12 hours as per your instructions) he was taken off the Bute totally; with no discernible relapse in his condition. Now some three weeks on this horse is unbelievable, he is as sound as a bell - much happier and with no changes to his diet. He is noticeably much fitter as though 'corned up'. It is my intention to bring Freeman back into light competition - something I could never possibly have contemplated had it not been for my introduction to your boots.
These boots have proved a great investment - to once again have a happy sound horse and more money in my pocket (as it was costing me £32.00 per month for Bute), within two months the boots will have paid for themselves! I would be more than happy to recommend this product to anyone. Many thanks.
A Soulsby

Horse - Haematoma
A thoroughbred filly arrived at our convalescent yard three weeks ago, having fractured her pelvis. She had haematoma from the stifle to her hoof and on her belly. The injury was very serious indeed, the swelling appalling and the vet was prepared to 'let her go' if there was no improvement overnight.
A friend had lent me two of your pads (Shetland pony size) and as we were unable to move the filly to hose the leg, we put on the pads as an alternative. The results over the first few days were dramatic - the lower part of the leg reduced from a diameter of 15_ inches to nearly normal. The hock and the swelling on her belly took longer, but after ten days all her legs were normal. As the filly is still immobilised, we use the pads at night, and have managed to maintain her legs in good order. Hopefully the pads will also be helping the recovery of her fracture.
I had not used your product before, but now have two sets on the yard, as I am sure they will be a great help to the many and varied injuries with which we are confronted. Dawn Cunningham-Reid Dulverton Equine

Horse - Ligament
I thought that I should write and thank you for introducing me to the products for pets in the light of Aldwick Colonnades win at Fontwell on April 10th. As you know Aldwick Colonnade is no spring chicken in equine terms and sustained a badly strained ligament in 1996. The vets were convinced this would end her racing career; but ever the optimists we gave her a rest and started to race her again in January this year.
After the first couple of runs I feared that my optimism was misplaced and the vets were right because her injured joint felt very warm and she was not happy on it.
At that stage I tried your product by attaching it to the area just below her joint. Nearly immediately the joint began to feel better and she went on to race in more comfort eventually winning in April. Whilst this was the first time I have used your product on a racehorse I am convinced that in this case it helped the circulation in the area of the old injury which in turn helped the mare remain sound. It is a simple device but with a logical effect and I will certainly be trying it on other horses.
M.U. Racehorse Trainer

In the middle of August '97 I purchased a pair of your pony boots to use on my 13.2hh pony, which had got stress laminitis. The vets had not been able to solve any of the problems that had developed and when the boots were suggested I was sceptical. However, I followed the instructions and started leading the pony for twenty minutes daily walking exercise in the field. After four days, the pony wanted to go at a faster pace and it was hard to keep hold of the headcollar.
At this point I realised the boots were working and the pony was beginning to recover after a long period Of ill health. Last month (September) she was back to being ridden normally and was also jumping over four feet. Thanks again for the Boots.
Fiona Garrard

I bought a pair of boots for my pony (8 year old Welsh Mountain), because he had severe pain in his legs, because of an attack of laminitis. After just 2 times 12 hours he tried to kick with his forelegs, and after 5 days with boots he could trot. Today, more than a month after, we ride him again, and the only thing left over from the laminitis is a soreness to gravel and stones in the left foreleg. I now use the boots as preventive caution when we ride or he is in stony fields.
Birthe Jonasen

Horse - Psoriasis
Our chief veterinary officer visited this pony and diagnosed severe inflammation of the skin similar to human psoriasis. The pony's coat was falling out in patches, he was totally stressed and shivering with his entire body itching and he was scratching against any object. He was dull, depressed and too stressed to eat. The vet and I thought euthanasia was inevitable but we would give him another week and try some comfort and remedies.
The vet gave him a 'calming' vaccine and a remedial shampoo. We discussed the magnotherapy option. The vet was interested but sceptical. On Sunday afternoon after his shampoo had dried we put the collar on his neck close to the artery. On Monday he had calmed down and was eating. By Wednesday his skin sores had healed, he was bright, alert and anxious to eat and be groomed!! Amazing, simply amazing!
Billy Wilson

Horse Recovery - Leg Problems
.A month ago we were seriously thinking of having my horse, Rippling Amber, a 21 year old Arab gelding, put down. He had many problems, his hind legs would swell when he was stabled, they would get so hot and sore that they would burst into open sores. He was lethargic, miserable and lastly he had a nasty rash in a rather awkward place.
As a last resort I purchased a pair of Boots. Well, we can't get over the transformation. His legs don't swell anymore or overheat and his rash is almost better. As for his energy levels, he is behaving like a five year old and l just can't seem to tire him out.
I've owned Amber for twenty years, since he was fourteen months old (my first horse). My childhood dream was to become a jockey. I bought Amber when Arab Racing had just started, back in 1977, when he was four years old he won his first race. The following year he won two races in an afternoon and got top racehorse that year. I wish your products had been in existence then, I know he would have won a lot more races.
Pippa Hill

Horse - Navicular Syndrome
I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with the Boots I bought last December for my horse, Oscar, who has navicular syndrome in both front feet. Despite excellent care and treatment from my vet and the practice physiotherapist over a period of about 18 months, Oscar was clearly still in pain and had lost his sparkle. Riding him was no longer a pleasure for either of us. So with great sadness I was facing up to having him put down. As a last resort I decided to purchase the Boots.
At the same time as ordering the Boots I was so concerned about the level of pain Oscar was in, despite being on bute, that I made an appointment for my vet to see him again.
By the time my vet saw Oscar he had been wearing the Boots for about a week. I thought and felt that he was showing signs of improvement, both in his gait and attitude, and almost felt embarrassed about involving my vet again as it almost seemed a waste of time! But having made the appointment I kept it. My vet was surprised that I had felt it necessary to involve him again and I explained about Oscar's behaviour before and within a few days of wearing his boots. My vet was not surprised and said that in his experience horses either showed a quick response or none at all.

I stopped giving Oscar bute at the end of December and we are enjoying daily hacks together again although he is no longer able to compete at dressage. It is a real pleasure to see how well he looks in himself and I am convinced that the Bioflow Boots made all the difference. I have been so impressed with the results that I have recommended them to friends for their horses and have bought myself a wrist version for an arthritic problem I have. It was as a result of recommending the Boots to a complete stranger at Badminton Horse Trials whilst visiting a trade stand that it was suggested that I write and tell you about my experiences.
Mrs. J.J.Carling.

Horse - Navicular Syndrome
Earlier this year my 20 year old horse, Heidi, was crippled due to navicular, which she has now had for seven years. On four butes a day she was hardly able to walk, and I began to believe that I would have to have her put down.
Then I was told about your boots, so I bought a pair. After three days Heidi was completely different and once again her old self, dragging me to the field.
I'm not saying that she is completely better, but from four powders a day she now only needs one every other day, and is able once again to enjoy life. Thank you.
Miss J Bagley

Horse - Ringbone
It's now just four weeks since I took delivery of the boots for horses. In that short time I have witnessed absolutely outstanding results. It was a great help initially, that you advised utilising one pair of boots between two horses, both with difficulties, to provide an opportunity for the Boots to prove themselves. This they certainly did in a very short time and I should like to relate a short account of the circumstances.
Both Arnie(16) and my horse, Flair(13) have low ringbone in both front legs. Arnie, belonging to my friend Vicky, was the more serious case, being lame on and off throughout last summer. He was very bad around Christmas and with a deteriorating frog and poor circulation the vet advised four doses of "bute" (phenylbutazone) a day. If there was no relief in the pain the vet suggested that he would need to be put down.
This was when the boots were introduced. Within a week a startling improvement took place. He came down to one dose of "bute" a day and the pain was noticeably relieved. Vickey, his owner, observed that on one occasion when Arnie was out all day, and only had use of the boots for two hours, he was uncomfortable. The current situation and great news is that the threat to Arnie's life has been lifted.
Flair, on the other hand, was on two doses of "bute" a week which was normally administered on each of the days before he was ridden. He started going lame last summer following a successful show jumping career. Now only being ridden twice a week, jumping again was only a dream, as even on "bute" he was short on both front feet giving him a "pottery" action.
However, after two days wearing boots overnight I was able to take him off "bute" and now no lameness shows when walking and he visibly extends when trotting, an action which was previously painful for him unless I gave him more "bute". I am so pleased with the result, he is now getting fit for the next show jumping season.
I am so delighted that now I know what results can be achieved with these boots, as a horse owner and riding instructor, I am able to pass on these experiences to others in an activity in which I specialise. My experience of working with horses has enabled me to witness the results at first hand for myself. I can see a tremendous opportunity for so many owners to use the boots and take their horses off "bute".
Please will you kindly make the directors aware of yet more success and gratitude from people and horses using their products?
I am to be married on 14th February and I am relieved that I should have no need to concern myself with horse problems whilst on honeymoon!!
Karen Goldie

Horse - Tendon Problems
'MAGIC' boots are helping to heal a horse that had been suffering with a sprained tendon for over 18 months.
Nine-year-old mare Deena, owned by former England Young Riders champion Samantha Jowett, had a promising future before her injury. But the sprain refused to fully heal and the weakness remained.
Months later a magazine article inspired Samantha to try your horse Boots on Deena, and she reported results within days. "1 don't know how it works but it does," said Samantha, of Carlton Forest Equestrian Centre. "We were beginning to give up and then tried the boots as a last resort. The results have been amazing."
The boots, contain powerful magnets which generate an electromagnetic field that appears to speed up healing.
"The farrier is visiting tomorrow and Deena is having her first shoes since May," added Samantha. "This will be her first step back to a career in show jumping."
Worksop Guardian

These products have been available now for several years, they have been used by many people and animals. The current range of products are all manufactured as state of the art components and have been constantly improved over the years. The modules are leading edge technology this combined with years of experience means that you can be assured that you are purchasing the best available product to date.

For more details and to order online from our Secret Store or you can buy them from ourselves The Secret Store, Old Station House, London Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1EP, England.Tel 01342-317423 or email


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