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New Traditions Studio

The art work is available in New Traditions Studio store in Simsbury, Ct with pricing starting at $75.00. Custom work begins at $200.00.
The work is quite color fast and can be hung in a window in direct sunlight with out fading.

------------------------- ARTIST STATEMENT -------------------------"ART on GLASS" -------------------------

The horse and the canvas are not that much different. Perceptive riders adjust their training to accommodate the horse's personality, mood and talent. The gifted artist will interpret and visualize for an audience eager to expand on what they might not otherwise recognize. Both are teaching professions.

The artist must cajole, show and enlighten the moment that many would not appreciate without the art. So many times I have stopped at the end of day and just caught the light when it turns to brilliant color the instant before dark. And just as often I have wondered- did any one else see that?

Deep breath, pause and allow the vision to come. My chestnut horse on a vivid green hill with a sunset backlighting his form. The light infuses
in a transparent wash that does not stop at the horse but embraces me through him. Clearly I see for that instance that all the molecules of
horse, grass, hill, sky, and sunset are a perfect combination of color, light and spirit. All colors are present! The blue of the sky reflected
in the iridescence of a rich coat, the white of the clouds on the angle of a peaceful face, the boldness of red in the deepest of shadows and a
spectrum of other colors.

So quick is it gone, that with my exhale, I am worldly again. To capture with paint that which the soul sees is not quite possible, but perhaps
with some luck and hard work a glimpse of the unseen obvious will touch a viewer.

Using glass as the canvas I mimic the color palette and the light of those moments with tile/glass paint. I mix the colors myself and add just a touch of oil. The glass is chosen as an additional palate that will enhance and reflect the artwork and I treat it as a color. When placed in a window the art responds to the changing light of the day or as on a rainy day the color becomes bold with the gray light as a mat around it. Placed on a wall another transformation occurs and the work absorbs the wall color. The beauty of glass and the form of the horse changes to fit time, light and placement.

Mary Femniak
New Traditions Studio
1618 Hopmeadow ST.
Simsbury, CT 06070
office T 860.658.9954
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