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Equi Essence

The company is comprised of Pam, Karen and Penny. They are all qualified Animal Therapists experienced in using essential oils with equines with years of experience from both working with and owning horses.

These natural oils are used to help restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. EquiEssence combines a knowledge of horses and essential oils to successfully treat many animals, particularly equines.

The Equi Essence products were investigated by Victoria Kind from and her horse Phantom, a 6 year old few spot Appaloosa. Equiworld's own Vikki Kind and Phantom.

Kinesiology - "what on earth is that" was my first reaction.

The reply did little to build my confidence about whether it would help my horse's problem.

How could anyone take a sample of horse hair and be able to tell me what was wrong with my horse?

Well, Equi-Essence did just that.

Case History.

Phantom is a 6 y.o Appaloosa gelding that I have owned for less than a year. His training was going fine until one day he came in from the field with a hugely swollen foreleg.

It was one of those injuries that only a horse can have - you know the ones. Where there is no wound, no infection, no management alteration, nothing to hurt himself on in the field, and in this case no real pain or lameness. Just a great big, swollen leg.

I followed the usual rules, cold hosing regularly, cold boots and then a cooling paste at night.

Then problem number two occurred (if one wasn't enough), and he had a bad reaction to the cooling paste. So we now had a great big, swollen, blistered and bald leg. Hmmm.

This happened during a period when we were in the process of creating an 'Alternative Therapy' section for the web site. I had researched a company called Equi-Essence and decided to see if they could help. I sent off a small sample of his mane and a few details and was absolutely amazed by the response.

Phantom had been gelded just before I bought him, and this was one of the main reasons that he was having these problems. The gelding process, especially in an older horse can cause a considerable amount of trauma and had compromised his immune system. It was also probable that he had contracted a Staphlycoccus infection, and it was this that had been drawn to the site of injury to cause the reaction.

Phantom showing great interest in his EquiEssence gel.

He was sent three essential oils, specially created for him, and I had to offer each of them to him to see his reaction. The theory behind that is that if his body is lacking something then he will seek it out - and to my surprise, he was so keen on the oils he tried to eat the bottles.

By the second day of treatment my horse had taken on a completely new persona. He was happy and spritely, nosing his way into everything. This actually coincided with the first few days of spring weather that we had so far this year, and being a slightly sceptical person - I decided that this could have been why we had a mood change.

After about a fortnight I went away for a week and his treatment stopped. On my return he had lapsed into his old docile and lethargic self. "Arrgh, he must have missed me" I selfishly thought. I decided to put him back on the oils and was amazed that the next day he was back on a high and very happy with life.

The really frightening thing was - I hadn't even realised that he was feeling low.

Over the next month he started to reject the oils until I stopped giving them to him altogether. He has put on weight, his coat is looking fabulous and he is feeling a million dollars.

All that’s left now, is for me to get some for myself!


Equi-essence can help you horse through injuries, ailments, vices and attitude problems. All the oils are made from naturally occurring herbs and plants and are individually created for your horse.

To learn more about Equi Essence and their unique products click here

10 West Close
Darley Abbey
Derby DE22 2BT
Tel. 01283 210772
Fax. 08701117069

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