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Tried & Tested

Alternative Therapies

In this section we investigate a range of alternative therapy products from a range of different companies. Alternative therapies have increased hugely in popularity during recent years. This diverse area includes massage, chiropody, homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, light therapy, laser therapy to name key areas. Obviously, not all these methods can be tested by unskilled operators, so please visit the Alternative Therapy section in HorseInfo to learn more about these more specialised fields.

Thrush Formula Mr Ned's Seal of Approval
by Essentially Equine

Thrush Formula is a non-irritant blend of essential oils in a Sweet Almond carrier designed to remove dead tissue, to eliminate the infections associated with thrush and to promote the healthy re-growth of tissue.
Aromaheel Mr Ned's Seal of Approval
by Aromesse

Aromaheel is an aromatherapy ointment specifically developed for cracked heels and mud fever using the extraordinary antiseptic and antibacterial properties of essential oils
Regenerative Oil Mr Ned's Seal of Approval
by Essentially Equine

A blend of essential oils in a Sweet Almond carrier designed to promote the healthy growth of skin and hair. As it can be used on broken skin the product is useful in most situations where skin and hair re-growth need to be encouraged e.g. cuts and grazes, the rub from rug and tack, manes and tails and after such problems as rainscald or ringworm
Calming Feed Additive Mr. Ned's Seal of Approval
by Essentially Equine

A blend of essential oils in a Wheatgerm carrier designed as an additive to feed to be beneficial to excitable and nervous horses yet without affecting performance.
Equi EssenceThe Seal of Approval
The Equi Essence team uses natural oils to create a range of natural products tailored for each individual horse. These natural oils are used to help restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. EquiEssence combines a knowledge of horses and essential oils to successfully treat many animals, particularly equines.
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