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John Crawford's blog - a.k.a John-Blog.

Polo in Mexico at Costa Careyes.

My only reason for going to Costa Careyes (the coast where turtles nest) was to see my Polo mentor and friend Hugh Dawnay, the man who wrote the book, but more of that later. Imagine my surprise to hear that Hugh broke a leg and was unable to teach his clinic! Oh well! I was on my way there anyway so I would enjoy the adventure. When I arrived there I was pleasantly surprised to find that Careyes offers a quality of life that is hard to find these days. The first person I met was the boss himself Giorgio Brignone who's dynamic energy is stamped on everything from the quality properties he manages and sells to the flawless polo grounds.

The Brignioni family first fell in love with Careyes over thirty years ago and have steadily developed luxury homes and a quality of lifestyle, which is most definitely hard to beat (see Although I did not meet Hugh as was intended I did meet up with an old amigo Raul who I first met at Hugh's about ten years ago. For anyone in need of a break from a hectic lifestyle this is the place where you can either be pampered to death by the pool, on the beach or you can get busy and play polo, which is exactly what I did. A great selection of horses provides for everyone from beginners to those who play in competition up to 15 goals means that all levels of play and competition are on the cards. Giorgio's polo manager is Martin Harriague who has 14 years experience in high goal polo with Brook Johnson. Flexibility in the programme is a unique attraction about playing Polo at Careyes where they can cater for your every need even hosting visiting teams create an international tournament while providing horses and professional players like Raul if needs be.

On Saturday I was roped in to refereeing which was easy as the game was fast and clean with the red team loosing to blues most decidedly. Now a ref. should be unbiased I know but when you are offered a couple of chukkas playing four for the reds, then the gloves are off! Now although we did not manage to regain the six goal lead blues had established we did manage to win our first goal of the match and hold them. The grounds played well, the ponies are tough and never found wanting and the company is excellent, what more could a polo player ask for? Well yes a party, but I was coming to that! In the evening we were treated to a wonderfully cordial evening with steaks to beat any I ate in Argentina or Texas and the good company of my hosts including the boss man himself senior Brignoni senior.

For anyone looking for good polo in a tranquil setting and with a touch of quality in all things Careyes is the place. I promise you, once you feel the magic of the place you will want to stay there! Just check out the website for a property to rent or buy or get in touch with me if you have a group who would like to visit for some great polo. By the way Hugh Dawnay has a new Coffee Table book out which is selling like hot cakes and can be bought at Well I'm off to visit Glen Gilmore and my daughter Patti in Australia at the Ellerston tournament. Hope that leg mends well Hugh and yes I have bought the book which is on my coffee table back in Scotland at Hayfield. see