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Not Just for Hacking!

With the lighter evenings making riding in the week easier, the prospect of gearing up for shows is now a reality.

Whether you are planning to focus your efforts purely on one discipline, or you and your horse event or enjoy having a go at a bit of everything, preparation is the key. Unfortunately there is no substitute for a program of getting your horse or pony fit and gradually adjusting its feed to match the work it is doing. It can be difficult to strike the right balance between providing your horse with the correct amount of energy and preventing over excitement caused by some high energy competition feeds.

Exercising your horse regularly (5 or 6 times a week, not just weekends!) for at least 6 -8 weeks before you do anything too strenuous is a must and this process may take even longer if your horse is overweight and hasn't been fit for a while.

Horse Feed manufacturers Allen & Page often get asked for a feed that will provide energy to liven up an overweight and lethargic or unfit horse, but without putting on weight. In reality, although there are plenty of feeds which will give your horse energy, anything that you feed on top of what he is already getting is only going to put on more weight and so probably make him even more lethargic! The solution is a combined diet and exercise programme, with a low calorie feed such as Slim & Healthy. For horses that are in good condition and on regular program of hacking or schooling, then you can think about introducing a concentrate feed to meet your horse or pony's increased energy demands. Generally this would be a low energy feed such as Quiet Mix or a slightly higher energy feed such as Hacking Mix or Hacking Pencils. These medium energy feeds are more than a low energy mix but not over the top - definitely not just for hacking! The inclusion of linseed and soya oil to provide omega 3 & 6 oils means you can expect fantastic skin and coat condition. Premium grade herbs including mint make these feeds palatable for even the fussiest feeder while the inclusion of Protexin in Hacking Mix, as well as FOS and MOS prebiotics, can help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Whether you define success as winning a class, having a relaxed and enjoyable day out at a show, taking part in team competitions, or coming top of the club league, the key is in the preparation. Good feeding and exercise is essential to produce a horse that is fit and ready to take part in whatever it is you have planned for the season ahead.

Current Sunday Times Sportswoman Of The Year Pippa Funnell has used Allen & Page feeds for all her horses since she was sixteen.

For more information or advice, contact Allen and Page at: Norfolk Mill, Shipdham, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7SD. Tel: 01362 822902 or fax: 01362 822910. Email:


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