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Phil Bowen (founder) ALVA INTERNATIONAL Ltd.

Preparing his many times, Supreme Champion 15h.h Welsh Cob Stallion Rhystyd Dazzler for his show.

The day before the show
First step is to lead him into a clean bed-free stable. With luke warm water I start on his hoofs scrubbing with a stiff brush and scraping off all the mess, working my way up his legs.
Next wet his tail and remove all loose dirt, then his mane and forelock, lastly his back.
When the entire loose dirt has been removed, I then repeat the process with a good quality shampoo (I use Head and Shoulders, it is good and works out to be very economical.)
I always try to avoid shampoo around the eyes nostrils and inside his ears, as the mucous membranes can get sore. I do have a little trick for not letting the soapsuds into the nostrils and above all the eyes; this is to smear ALVASHADOW around the eyes and nostrils before using the shampoo. This I find helps to stop the shampoo from entering these areas and also has a calming effect on the nervous or worried Horse. Leave on for a great shine.
I have found it better to pour the shampoo along the brush when in the upside down position (the brush, not me) and then scrub the horse slowly to start, giving him time to realize it is nice to be massaged. When I have scrubbed him all over I rinse off all the shampoo and repeat the process again until the rinsing water dripping from under his belly is clear.
I then give him his final wash with ALVATEATREE MEDICATED SHAMPOO.
Next job, using a rubber scraper, removes excess water. Pour approximately 250ml (One Quarter of a Litre Bottle) of ALVASPARKLE into a clean, dry bucket. Put a clean, dry sponge into the bucket, let it absorb the ALVASPARKLE and gently squeeze until it stops dripping. Start on the left side of the horse's neck, pressing sponge and move down towards his withers and along his back (Caution: when applied to ridden horses, avoid saddle area as ALVASPARKLE provides a high gloss finish and the saddle may slip as a result), covering him all over with ALVASPARKLE. This will seal his coat and reduce stable staining. Repeat process on the right side until horse is covered.
Spray ALVADAZZLE on mane and tail, combing after applying. Comb small areas at a time, being careful not to break or damage healthy hair.
He's looking good! Now back into his stable on a fresh bed of straw.

Show Day
My nerves are now bubbling but I never show the horse how I'm feeling. Load him; check my list to make sure I've got everything.
On arrival, check horse and offer him water, collect my number and then back to the lorry to lightly brush the horse. This I find relaxes him and gives him time to unwind after the journey.
One hour before his class, I remove his hay net and reach for the ALVAGLEAM. Shake the bottle well and pour one quarter of the bottle into a clean dry bucket. Using a clean, dry sponge I repeat the procedure the same way as I applied ALVASPARKLE the day before.
On completion, using a clean dry velvet cloth, I polish him. The harder I polish, the better the gleam. ALVADAZZLE his mane and tail again and comb through.
Put the bridle on, then using cotton pads I apply ALVASHADOW around his eyes and muzzle.
Lower the ramp, stand back and admire this work of art and then it's off to do the business.

Most people compete for pleasure, I compete to win and with the help of the products I have formulated, I believe I am giving my horse HIS BEST possible chance.


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