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CSI-A LA COURNEUVE 25-27 MAY 2001 Robert Power with Claydons Pheonix, Honnie, Claydons Cilla and Gypsy de Bacon and Niall Talbot with Diamond Carat, Lord du Pachat, Fancy Brown and Man Child. Tel +33 1 48 38 62 63, fax +33 1 48 36 01 80.

CSIP-A COURLANS 25-27 MAY 2001 Mark Beecher with Loughnatousa Andy, Loughnatousa Gold Touch and Summer Set Rose, Fiona Beecher with Loughnatousa Falcon, Lorraine O¹Brien with Scarlet H and O B Cosy Cartel, Sara Jane Tracy with My Midnight Lady and Expression, Barry Griffin with Drummanor Mill and Queen of the Down, Lisa O¹Farrell with Bush Flight and Classic Cliché, Gerald O¹Neill with Sorrell Knight and Stonepark Sally and Berbie Byrne with Nature¹s Glory. Tel +33 3 84 24 52 68 and fax +33 3 84 24 90 06.

CSI-C LE MANS 25-27 MAY 2001 Lt David O¹Brien with three of the four following Boherdeal Clover, Laughton¹s Lass, Galteebeg and Cruise Hill and Lt Shane Carey with Shannon Dale, Lismakin and Killossery. Tel +33 2 43 89 76 30, fax +33 2 43 89 47 43, mobile tel +33 6 07 74 43 41, web

CSI-B MOORSELE 25-27 MAY 2001 Conor Swail with Windgates Cruise West, Windgates Dynamic and Windgates Paragon. Tel +32 56 503409, fax +32 56 502110.

CSI-A HAMBURG 24-27 MAY 2001 Cameron Hanley with Ballaseyr Olympic, Ballaseyr Leonardo, Ballaseyr Avalon and Ballaseyr Twilight, Peter Charles with Traxdata Carnavelley, Traxdata Amber du Montois, Traxdata Corrada and Orange Juice, Billy Twomey with Brokers Caramia, Catapult FCS, Ashley and Give Me Remus, and Jessica Kurten with Paavo N, Egano, Advocat 2 and Calistro 5. Tel +49 40 822 425 14 or 19, fax +49 40 822 425 27.

CSI-A EINDHOVEN 24-27 MAY 2001 Cian O¹Connor with Waterford Crystal, Kala and Irish Independent Casper, Edward Doyle CorD¹Alme Z, Dalton D and Lavey Strand and Dermot Lennon and Garronturton Lady, Liscalgot and Ezzat. Tel +32 475 289 100, fax +32 15 433 617.

CSI-C EINDHOVEN 24-27 MAY 2001 David Quigley with Ashdale Quest and
Ashdale Early Bird. Contact as above.

CSI-B PORANO 1-3 JUNE 2001 Niall Talbot with Diamond Carat, Lord du Pachat, Fancy Brown, Quinto 3 and Man Child, Carl Hanley with Chester 66, Apollo, Foster du Morian, Goodnight 5 and Killarney and Robert Splaine with Coolcorron Cool Diamond and Coolcorron Willow. Tel +39 335 660 7221, fax +39 059 439 1380, website

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