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Danger hides in lush spring grass

Lush spring grass is just around the corner, and your horse or pony will be longing to get his teeth into it - but watch out…

As hiding in those deep green blades of grass are carbohydrates, or sugars, that will be particularly plentiful when grass has been fertilised or is well-grown. And too much too quick can lead to laminitis, one of the most worrying illnesses about.

So keep an eye open for any sign of lameness. In the early stage of the disease this is often only identified when the horse or pony is cantering, as the extra concussion affects sensitive feet. Although laminitis usually affects the front feet only, it can affect the back feet, or just one foot, so remain vigilant throughout the spring and summer.

To guard against too much grass, consider restricting the area you let your horse graze. Investing in the new PEL horse fence kit, at around £108 from your local stockist, could be the wisest money you will spend this year.

The kit comes complete, with all you need for up to 200 metres of electric fence, including an energiser, two batteries, an earth stake, 20 plastic posts, a roll of polytape and a warning sign. The energiser is capable of powering a further 600 metres if required, and all items can be 'topped up' separately if you have special requirements.

The fence is easy and safe to use, and can be moved by one person on a daily basis - making it the perfect answer to restricting grazing and managing your grass. For a voucher worth £10 off your purchase, call 0845 6008081 quoting this magazine's title, and we will send you the voucher, plus a list of stockists, by return.

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