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Samsung Super League 2004 : Deutschland Do It In La Baule….

Germany won the first leg of the 2004 Samsung Super League series in the newly-renovated stadium at La Baule today with convincing jumping from their crack squad but the home side, and defending champions, lost nothing in defeat when finishing in second position.

France and Germany were joint-leaders at the end of the first round with both teams on a zero score while the USA, making their Super League debut, held third spot carrying just eight faults.

However 16 faults from Peter Wylde and Lauriston and 12 for both Judy Garofalo (Oliver) and Laura Kraut (Anthem) second time out dropped the Americans to fifth at the end of the day behind the British who completed with a total of 29 faults. Nick Skelton and Arko boosted the British effort with one of three double-clear performances – the other two produced by Germany’s Marco Kutscher riding Montender and Frenchman Michel Hecart with Quilano de Kalvarie. Quilano also jumped double-clear in last year’s Samsung Super League inaugural event at La Baule.

Ireland shared sixth position with Holland when both teams clocked up a score of 33 faults while the Italians finished last, seriously hampered by the elimination of Bruno Chimirri who retired in round one after a crashing fall from Landknecht at the combination. Roberto Arioldi’s 20 faults with Loro Piana Dime de la Cour then had to be counted and this did not do justice to an excellent first clear from Massimo Grossato with Loro Piana Elkintot and just four faults from Emanuele Fiorelli riding Western Union Gibus de Mon.

Many of the riders expressed major concerns about Olaf Petersen’s track before the competition began but it rode well. However the combination at fence six, which was approached off a left-hand turn and which was followed by an upright at fence seven, caused plenty of problems while riders also ran into trouble at the double at fence 10 which had a short distance between the two elements and came after the water-jump.

Ludger Beerbaum chose to retire Goldfever in round one after Markus Ehning (Anka), Marco Kutscher (Montender) and Christian Ahlmann (Coster) all jumped clear but, unlike the circumstances at the Samsung Super League Final in Barcelona last September, Ludger was obliged to jump in round two when Ehning picked up eight faults and Ahlmann collected four at their second attempt. A single mistake from Michel Robert (Galet d’Auzay), four faults for Christian Hermon (Ephebe Forever) who had collected two time penalties first time out, and two fences down for Florian Angot (First de Launay) in round two put the pressure on the final French rider Michel Hecart (Quilano de Kalvarie) who received huge applause when leaving all the fences intact once again but Ludger’s second-round clear sealed victory by an eight-fault margin and puts Germany at the top of the Samsung Super League leaderboard at this early stage of the series.

Speaking about his team’s victory Marco Kutscher said afterwards "if you have been jumping at the World Cup final in Milano less than two weeks ago it is a big question about bringing your horse to the first Super League event but I believe we made the right decision and I’m very pleased with Montender today. Last year at La Baule he had three fences down in the first round and then went clear in the second round, now one year later he is that much better and more experienced and right now he is in particularly good form. I wondered if it might be too much to bring him to this event but he jumped so easy in Milano where he finished fifth and now I will give him a rest before the German Championships in the beginning of June. After that he will do the second qualifier for the Olympic Games in Aachen and I hope to be on the team".

Talking about the course he said "for a Super League Nations Cup the course should be difficult but you can see it was a good course today because we had 2 or three double-clear rounds and there were no disasters – it was difficult but fair".

Ludger Beerbaum described the going in the arena as good "thanks to the ideal weather" and talked about Olympic selection for Athens. "We have six good horse-and-rider combinations in Germany who are in contention for the team" he said, adding that Chef d’Equipe Kurt Gravemeier "can count on us for sure".

La Baule was one of the few places in Europe to enjoy sunshine today, although the strong winds were bitterly cold, and the French crowd had plenty to celebrate as a special presentation was made to their newly-crowned FEI World Cup champion Bruno Broucqsault during the intermission between the two rounds of competition.


1. Germany - 4 faults: Markus Ehning/Anka 0+8, Marco Kutscher/Montender 0+0, Christian Ahlmann/Coster 0+4, Goldfever/Ludger Beerbaum Elim+0.

2. France - faults: Michel Robert/Galet D’Auzay 0+12, Christian Hermon/Ephebe Forever 2+4, Florian Angot/First de Launay 0+8, Michel Hecart/Quilano de Kalvarie 0+0.

3. Belgium - 22 faults: Philippe Lejeune/Kingchem 4+16, Jean Claude Vangeenberghe/Osta Rugs Quintus 8+4, Ludo Philippaerts/Kira 5+0, Jos Lansink/AK Caridor Z 4+5.

4. Great Britain - 20 faults: Robert Smith/Mr Springfield 0+16, Michael Whitaker/Fleur 13+8, Scott Smith/Cabri D’Elle 9+12, Nick Skelton/Arko 0+0.

5. USA - 32 faults: Peter Wylde/Lauriston 4+16, Judy Garofalo/Oliver 8/12, Kimberly Frey/Marylou 4+0, Laura Kraut/Anthem 0+12.

Equal 6. The Netherlands - 33 faults: Gert Jan Bruggink/Joel 4+12, Jan Tops/VDL Groep Grande Dame 8+5, Albert Zoer/Lowina 4+16, Leopold Van Asten/VDL Groep Fleche Rouge 4+4.

Equal 6. Ireland - 33 faults: Peter Charles/Pershing 20+17, Jessica Kurten/Quibell 4+8, Cian O’Connor/Waterford Crystal 9+4, Kevin Babington/Carling King 8+0.

8. Italy - 44 faults: Massimo Grossato/Loro Piana Elkintot 0+4, Emanuele Fiorelli/ Western Union Gibus du Mon 4+12, Bruno Chimirri/Landknecht Elim+22, Roberto Arioldi/Loro Piana Dime de la Cour 20+4.


Germany 10 points
France 7 points
Belgium 5 points
Great Britain 4 points
USA 3 points
Equal 6. Ireland and The Netherlands 1.5

Italy 0.5.
For full details and results from La Baule see website or email


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ROUND 1, La Baule (Fra) 6-9 May; ROUND 2, Rome (Ita) 27-30 May; ROUND 3, Lucerne (Sui) 3-6 June: ROUND 4, Rotterdam (Ned) 17-20 June; ROUND 5, Aachen (Ger) 13-18 July; ROUND 6, Hickstead (GBR) 21-25 July; ROUND 7, Dublin (Irl) 4-8 August; ROUND 8 and FINAL, Barcelona (Esp) 16-19 September.


You can access all the latest Samsung Super League news and information on website and don’t forget that Biographies on all Riders competing in the series are available at

Want to know more? You can check the full rules for the Samsung Super League Series on the FEI website, section reference – rules

The Samsung Super League consists of the eight most prestigious horse shows at which the

world’s eight best national teams compare their merit. The Super League is connected to the Samsung Nations Cup Series through a promotion/relegation system at the end of each season.

Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s largest electronics companies, is committed to supporting international sporting events thereby returning corporate profits to the public and working towards a more harmonious and equitable society.


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