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Kentucky Derby Is Not the Only Horse Race Ready To Run New Lucky Stars Plush Collectibles Race into Children's Toy Stores

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C April 30, 2004 - " And they're off..." Wild Heart Ranch is pleased to let avid horse fans know that the updated series of mini plush horses, 'Lucky Stars Collection' will be racing to stores this summer. Wild Heart will target equine and specialty stores with their new collectible plush horses. Competing against larger established plush manufacturers, Wild Heart's unique line of plush incorporating twinkling lights and stories, is sure to take the lead ! The Company's founders are horse owners themselves, so they know the equine market.

The collectible 12 mini plush horses that have realistic colors with magical blue LED shining stars, moons and comets are sure to delight the Wild Heart Ranch followers. The product line is all based on an original story entitled "No More Night Mares...A Dream of Freedom". Each mini horse wears a neck tag with a poem describing each magical character. Also included for each consumer, is a password code to the web site, that will allow them to learn more about the mystical herd.

Eclipse, Moonglow, Flying Wind, Moonbeam, Lucky Star, Starlight, Galaxy, Comet, Painted Sky, Brodie's Comet, Golden Earth and Earthquake, are characters from the original horse story, "No More Nightmares...A Dream of Freedom." While their nametags also tell a poem of this story, their special history comes from a time of "long forgotten dreams and legends", when horses struggled to remain free of men who wished to tame them.

Each horse also comes with unique hair accessories and combs, to shape their manes and form as many new styles and looks as your imagination can create! Squeeze their belly and their blaze will also light up, making them the perfect companions for sleepovers!

One black stallion named Eclipse, who also happened to be the strongest and fastest in his territory, beckoned to the moon and the stars one night, to help his mares run free and keep them safe from a life under man's rule. Eclipse "looked up to the sky above him and whinnied a haunting cry from help. His call was picked up by the fog on the ground and carried by the wind into the night." His wishes were answered when the magic of the moon and stars granted his mares a place in the night's sky, where they would run free and they promised to watch over the herds below, for generations to come!

The story serves as a gentle reminder that, "we don't have to be afraid of the night. It is the keeper of legends and protector of creatures below. Night Mares dance brilliantly against a background of black sky and glowing stars to light our way to a time remembered. Gaze up into their bright lights and they will guide you through the darkest of nights."

Wild Heart Ranch is also launching a complimentary product line to the No More Night Mares. The "I Sea Horses!" collectable plush seahorses are based on the original, soon-to-be published, "I Sea Horses!" children's storybook. Sunflower, Meadow, Pegasus, Bubbles, Splash and Sandy will light up your imagination. Squeeze their belly and their magical light will light up. Each seahorse has a bendable tail and long brushable hair for hours of childhood play.
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