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The Practical Horse Herbal
Natural Therapies for Your Horse

Beef industry hormone scandals .... birth control traces found in drinking water .... a growing strain of bacteria resistant to antibiotics due to overprescription .... our hyper-medicated world has started to seem like a very scary place for both humans and animals.

Alternative health therapies and plant-based remedies have caught mainstream attention for humans; now equine herbalists have begun to explore natural treatments to enhance the well-being of horses as well.
Who would have thought celery, camomile, dandelions, hawthorn, juniper, peppermint, skullcap and violet could have such healing and restorative effects?

The Practical Horse Herbal provides reliable, concise information on nutrition and basic herbal remedies for many routine ailments to help owners provide a healthy natural diet and balanced exercise routine for their horses. Renowned equestrian and herbalist Victoria Ferguson offers both specific recommendations for horse ailments and behavioural problems as well as general advice on keeping horses healthy and fit.

Ferguson's work is inspired by in-depth knowledge of modern horses' life in the wild where they instinctively treated themselves with herbal remedies for thousands of years. Every system in the body is covered, with helpful instructions for reading vital signs, feeding minerals naturally, administering both herbal and practical first aid, practicing preventative nutrition and taking care of itches, ticks, sunburns, travel sickness and other ailments.

Alison Goward, Founder and Director EMRTtm Pty Ltd, recommends Ferguson's book as "... a handy reference guide. Our practioners have found that by combining her herbal treatments with Equine Muscle Release Therapy, the effects are synergistic and accelerate healing time."

At the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern research, this thoughtful guide will put horse owners in the best position to keep their horses happy and healthy.

Victoria Ferguson completed her herbal medicine training with Dorothy Hall, the eminent Australian herbalist and author. She combines this knowledge with a lifetime experience with horses working as an equine herbalist. Performance and pleasure horses all over Australia and overseas benefit from Victoria's natural health programs. She lives in Australia.


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