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A Horse of Course

A Horse, Of Course
by Don Blazer

"What's your sign?" I heard Walter ask Katy. Katy is the filly who now lives in the stall right next to Walter.I knew I had to go to Walter's rescue. I rushed into his stall, pushed him into the corner farthest from Katy's wall and tried to warn him. "That's one of the oldest and worst pickup lines ever used," I whispered to Walter.
"A thoroughly modern filly won't be impressed," I said. "You'll have to come up with something better than that."

"A lot you know," he countered. "It just so happens she is Aquarius."

"Well, then, she might be impressed," I conceded. "Aquarius is an air sign and Aquarian fillies are often airheads," I reported.

"Careful how you speak about the filly I may just love."

"Love?" I questioned. "You don't even know her. I grant you, she's cute. But if you think an Aquarius is the filly for you, you definitely don't know much about astrology or the personalities of the signs."

"And you do?" he asked with obvious doubt.

Aquarius fillies, I explained to Walter, are born between Jan. 21 and Feb 19. In astrology they are an air sign, and air has to do with the cerebral realm, meaning Aquarians are often very smart, full of brilliance and visionary thoughts. But off in their air realm, they tend to leave the present behind.

And it is this, their most dominate trait, which a trainer has to be aware of every minute. You can begin a training session with an Aquarian horse at 9 a.m., and by 9:10 a.m. the horse will have grasped the concept and practically mastered the exercise. But by 9:15 a.m. the Aquarian will be off on some intellectual vista and her performance completely uninspiring.It is up to the trainer to find that perfect moment of understanding, praise the Aquarian horse, request one more performance and then move on to something new. This is the only way to satisfy the Aquarian's craving for the possibilities of greatness.

"Note," I said to Walter. "I didn't say the Aquarian was always great, just that she craves the possibilities of greatness."

The second greatest concern for the trainers of Aquarian horses is to never put the horse in a position of being dominated by power or cruelty. The Aquarian horse wants a world of love and peace, and does not deal with life on a day to day basis, but with a world as they want it to be.With all the possibilities the Aquarian horse has for brilliance in any performance event, the Aquarian has as many chances for failure. The trainer of an Aquarian horse must never use force to bring about
compliance. Understanding, communication and a constant awareness of the horse's focus will get the job done. Junk all the gimmicks, special equipment and macho attitudes.

"That's exactly what I thought," Walter said with a satisfied grin.

"I'm the perfect horse for her. I am Taurus."

Walter explained the Taurus horse, born between April 21 and May 21 is under the sign of the bull, showing strength, placidity and immobility. The Taurus horse won't be rushed, is fond of the status quo and proceeds at this own leisurely pace.

The Taurus horse is the patient, persistent builder. He's the horse which won't learn new lessons quickly, but once he's mastered them he has them forever.
As the trainer of the Taurus horse, you can easily become frustrated by the horse's seeming disinterest in his work. Don't be frustrated. The Taurus horse learns by putting one perfect building block atop another. He stabilizes everything, examines it, accepts it for his own, and then becomes an extremely reliable performer.

"So you're saying as a Taurus your personality is the opposite of the Aquarius, Katy. And that opposites attract, so you'll be good together."

Walter looked at me with that 'you're clueless' look. "Of course opposites attract," he said. "Look at us. I'm a star. You are a Gemini-virtually untrainable.

"Now out of my way," he said. "I've got a date with Katy to talk about our moon signs."

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