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The British Horse Society

British Horse Society supports Operation Ragwort

The British Horse Society (BHS) has pledged full support to Warwickshire County Council and its 'Operation Ragwort' initiative. Running from 12 - 30 July, in conjunction with the Highways Agency and timed to link in with the BHS' own 'Ragwort Action Week' (19 - 25 July), 'Operation Ragwort' will involve displays in Stratford, Rugby and Warwick informing members of the public on the dangers of Ragwort to grazing animals, particularly horses. The County Council is also making available a Ragwort Hotline (01926 412515) and email address ( <>) for the public to notify them of Ragwort hotspots.

The council claims that actively controlling Ragwort within the county is becoming cost effective and it has been able to reduce its budget by £6,000 from last year. Warwickshire County Highways Operations Manager, Neil Clark, said, "Support from the public by identifying Ragwort hotspots gives us an idea of the scale of the problem and means we can target our operations more efficiently."

BHS Chief Executive, Graham Cory, commented, "This initiative is to be applauded. It involves the community with the local council and produces tangible benefits all round. The council can reduce its budget, the ratepayers feel the council is using their money efficiently and it helps to protect horses from the dangers of ingesting Ragwort, a highly toxic plant that can prove fatal if ingested."



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