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Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Today, Thermotex Equine Therapy Systems celebrates 20 years in business.

A proud Canadian manufacturer located in Calgary, Alberta CANADA for the past 8 years, Thermotex produces deep heat infrared therapy systems for equine applications. Thermotex operates in an ISO certified environment and all therapy systems are CSA approved. With over 50,000 systems sold, the impact on the North American equine market has been substantial. Smarty Jones, the winner of this year's Kentucky Derby and the Preakness is no stranger to the benefits of Thermotex Equine Therapy Systems.

Thermotex Equine Therapy Systems utilize infrared energy which when applied, increases blood flow to the effected area, relieving pain and assisting in the healing process. For pre-competition use or for relief of muscle and joint soreness, Thermotex Equine Systems support the equine athlete's performance.

Thermotex Equine Therapy Systems are proven in reducing lactic acid build-up, helping a non-sweater sweat, and increasing kidney function. They also help bring out the natural oil of the skin, making hair glisten. The use of Thermotex Equine Therapy Systems removes the worry of colic provided early treatment is performed.

Application of the advanced technology utilized by Thermotex Equine Therapy Systems, results in deep penetrating, relaxing infrared heat being delivered to where it's needed. Thermotex increases equine hemoglobin 25% to 28% and helps relieve muscle soreness, arthritic pain, and back ache. Also, Thermotex helps the horse stretch out, preventing washing out, and tying up. A detailed description of benefits and features of equine therapy systems and applications can be found at
Thermotex Equine Therapy systems are marketed throughout North America and in Europe.

When asked about the state of the art equine therapy systems manufactured by Thermotex, President Francis Docherty stated, "We are world leaders in non-invasive equine pain relief therapy and it is a privilege to assist veterinarians and trainers all over the world to improve the health of the equine athlete".


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