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Federation Equestre Internationale News

31 July 2002

- Samsung Nations Cup Preview: CSIOs*** Vilhelmsborg (DEN) and Budapest (HUN)
- Launch of CIC World Cup
- Upcoming Events

Samsung Nations Cup Preview: CSIOs*** Vilhelmsborg (DEN) and Budapest (HUN)

The 23rd and 24th qualifiers of the Samsung Nations Cup Series, CSIO*** Vilhelmsborg (DEN) and CSIO*** Budapest (HUN) respectively, will take place on Friday, 2 August. A detailed preview follows.

After 22 competitions, Germany is the leader with 61 points, followed by Italy with 49 points and Belgium with 48. Thirty-eight nations have competed to date and 30 have received points.

Cian O'Connor (IRL) is currently the leading rider with a total of 13 points. He is followed by Jozsef Turi (HUN) and Helena Persson (SWE) with 11 and 8 points respectively. So far, 399 riders have competed with 185 receiving points.

The leading horse is Waterford Crystal ridden by Cian O'Connor with 11 points, followed by Helena Persson's Classic H (SWE) and Holger Hetzel's Waitaki 31 (GER) with 8 and 7 points respectively.

The complete results and standings along with the rules for calculation of points can be found on our website, "consult" section.

* * *

CSIO*** Vilhelmsborg (DEN), 1 - 4 August 2002

The Samsung Nations Cup will take place on Friday, 2 August,
- first round beginning at 14h,
- second round beginning at 16h.

The following nine teams will be participating (in the alphabetical order): Denmark (DEN), Germany (GER), Great Britain (GBR), Italy (ITA), The Netherlands (NED), Norway (NOR), Portugal (POR), Sweden (SWE), and Switzerland (SUI).

The list of entered riders is as follows:
Chef d´équipe: Jørgen Kristensen
Michael Aabo, Lars N. Pedersen, Søren N. Pedersen, Tina Lund
Chef d'équipe: Sönke Sönksen
Achaz von Buchwaldt, Jörg Kreutzmann, Carsten-Otto Nagel, Andreas Ripke
Chef d'équipe: Derek Ricketts
Di Lampard, Robert Maguire, Keith Shore, Jackson Reed-Stephenson
Chef d'équipe: Alex Cagnazzi
Roberto Arnoldi, Valedo Sozzi, Alberto Vitali, Paolo Zani
Chef d'équipe: Bert Romp
Mathijs van Asten, Kevin Olsmeijer, Leon Thijssen, Eric van de Vleuten
Chef d'équipe: Geir Gulliksen
Connie Bull, Geir Gulliksen, Jan Auen Hafskjold, Nina B. Johansen
Chef d'équipe: Thomas Fuchs
Ines Jervell, Joao Chuva Luacar, Joäo Mota, António Vozone
Chef d'équipe: Peter Eriksson
Niklas Arvidsson, Peter Eriksson, Jens Fredericson, Royne Zetterman
Daniel Etter, Beat Mändli, Markus Fuchs, Willie Melliger

Results will be posted on the event's official website

* * *

CSIO***-W Budapest (HUN), 1 - 4 August 2002

The Samsung Nations Cup will take place on Friday, 2 August,
- first round beginning at 14h,
- second round beginning at 16h15 (16h30).

The following thirteen teams will be participating (in the alphabetical order): Austria (AUT), Belgium (BEL), Czech Republic (CZE), Egypt (EGY), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Greece (GRE), Hungary (HUN), Italy (ITA), Poland (POL), Portugal (POR), Switzerland (SUI), and Sweden (SWE).

The list of entered riders is as follows:
Chef d'équipe: Gerhard A. Hiesel
Josef Schwarz Jr., Matthias Atzmüller, Roland Englbrecht, Ulrich
Chef d'équipe: Marc Boes
Rudi Helsen, Sven Laevers, Bert Prouvé, Jan Vinckier
Chef d'équipe: TBC
Ales Opatrny, Martin Matéjka, Martin Soupal, Petr Dolezal
Chef d'équipe: Barnabás Hevesy
Mohamed Borai, Sameh Hatab, Mohamed Ragab, Mohamed Sabry
Chef d'équipe: Philippe Leoni
Bruno Garez, Laurent Le Vot, Philippe Leoni, Thimautée Anciaume
Chef d'équipe: Christoph-Georg Bödicker
Franz-Josef Dahlmann, Holger Hetzel, Jutta Holtz, Rolf Moormann
Chef d'équipe: Mr and Mrs Dendrinos
Christina Georgiou, Elina Dendrinou, George Dimaras, Yiotis Perintzalis
The final composition of the Hungarian team will be confirmed on
Thursday, 1 August, in the afternoon.
Chef d'équipe: Dario Minutoli
Alberto Cocconi, Carlo Rogiani, Emanuele Fiorelli, Paolo Martinelli
Chef d'équipe: Hubert Szaszikiewicz
Grzegorz Kubiak, Jacek Zagor, Lukasz Jonczyk, Piotr Morsztyn
Chef d'équipe: Jorge Oliveira
Bernardo Mathias, Luis Sabino, Miguel Maria Bravo, Sebastiao Ferreira
Chef d'équipe: Peter Paton-Reid
Alois Fuchs, Céline Stauffer, Claudia Gisler, Fabio Crotta
Chef d'équipe: Sylvie Söderstrand
Angelie von Essen, Fredrik Jönsson, Helena Lundback, Henrik Ankarcrona

TV broadcast:
A delayed transmission of the Samsung Nations Cup will be broadcast on MTV1, Hungarian national TV.

* * *

The 2001/2002 Samsung Nations Cup Series Final will take place in Donaueschingen (GER) on Saturday 24 August.

Samsung Electronics has supported sports marketing activities world-wide with a strong initiative in equestrian sports since 1988. In 1996 Samsung took the world-wide sponsorship of the Nations Cup in cooperation with the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the ruling body of the world-wide equestrian sport.
Samsung DIGITall, everyone's invited For further information about the Samsung Nations Cup Series or other sports marketing activities, visit: or

Launch of CIC World Cup

The inaugural qualifier of the newly created CIC World Cup will be held at Gatcombe Park (GBR) over the weekend of 2 - 4 August 2002. It will take place in the framework of the British Horse Trials Championships, a three star One Day Event. Apart from the CIC World Cup competition, the event will also include the National Novice Championship as well as the Intermediate and Open Championship.

The number of competitors has significantly increased since the event was fist held in 1983. This year, more than 300 entries have been registered including such eminent riders as William Fox-Pitt, Blyth Tait and Pippa Funnell.

As announced in FEI Press News 17 of 19 June 2002, the CIC World Cup is organised on a three-star level and consists of qualifying competitions, held for a full calendar year starting on 1 August 2002 and ending on 31 August 2003, and a final. Apart from the Gatcombe CIC***, the following three qualifiers will be held in 2002
16 - 18 August: Ribersborg, Malmö (SWE)
23 - 25 August: Martinvast, Cherbourg (FRA)
8 - 10 November: Nichelino, Torino (ITA).

The qualifiers for the period 1 January - 1 August 2003 will be decided at a meeting of the CIC World Cup Sub-Committee in October 2002. The final will take place from 23 through 26 October 2003 in Pau (FRA).

Upcoming Events

The 2001 FEI World Jumping and Dressage Challenge Finals supported by Performance Sales International (PSI) will take place at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen a.T.W. (GER) from 31 July through 4 August. This year's novelty is the Dressage Final for Children which was added to the programme. These Finals will be held simultaneously with three other Championships: the European Pony Championships Eventing and Dressage and the European Junior Championship Jumping.

The 2002 North American Young Riders' Championships (NAYRC) will be held at Tempel Farms in Old Mill Creek, IL (USA) from 6 to 11 August. They are the premier equestrian competition in North America for riders aged 16-21. Representatives from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean Islands will compete for team and individual titles in the three Olympic disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. The event will be televised nationwide on the Outdoor Life Network on Saturday, 7 September.

The NAYRC began in 1974 as an Eventing challenge between the USA and Canada. A Dressage Championship was added in 1981 and Jumping began in 1982. The first complete edition was held in British Columbia, Canada, in 1982. Tempel Farms has hosted the Championship 12 times since 1985. For more information, please visit

A number of other important events will take place in the coming days.
Please find below a list of the main competitions by discipline, exact dates and venue.
1 - 4 August: CSI-A, Valekenswaard (NED)
2 - 4 August: CSI-A, Gera (ESP)
4 August: CSI-W, Caboolture, QLD (AUS)
1 - 4 August: World Championship for Young Horses, Verden (GER)
1 -4 August: CDI***, Vilhelmsborg (DEN)
2 - 4 August: CDI***, Gera (ESP)

For more information, please visit our website, where links to the official websites of these events have been made (when available).



Samsung Electronics has supported sports marketing activities world-wide with a strong initiative in equestrian sports since 1988. In 1996 Samsung took the world-wide sponsorship of the Nations Cup. Samsung is a long time partner of equestrian sport and has been the patron of the International Jumping and Dressage competitions (now called Challenge) aimed at developing the sport on a worldwide basis since 1988. Samsung believes strongly in the values of sport, which promote deeper understanding and mutual exchange between people of the world.

Gandini Tessuti Alta Moda (Gandini High Fashion Fabrics) was founded in 1925 and is active in the creation and design of high-quality fabrics. In 2001 Gandini became the new sponsor of the FEI World Jumping Riders Rankings.

Best Communication & Management, BCM, is specialised in the organisation, management and sponsorship of equestrian events. BCM's services range from providing various facilities to organising the entire show. Beside its activities in event organisation, BCM is also the publisher of the official equestrian yearbook 'L'Année Hippique,' and of the monthly magazine 'Horse International'.Since 1998, BCM supports the World Cup Dressage and the World Dressage Rankings.

In 2001 Performance Sales International (PSI) granted its support to the FEI Jumping and Dressage Challenge. This series of approximately 100 competitions taking place in over 60 countries serves to develop dressage and show jumping in nations wishing to reach the highest competition level.

Since 1999, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Equestrian and Racing Federation produces the FEI Endurance Riders Rankings. The 2001 edition was won by Dato Kamruddin bin Abdul Ghani (MAS).

Thank you to the supporters of the Driving discipline: Finn Caspersen, supporter of the Four-in-Hand Top Driver Award, Van der Wiel Harness supporter of the Top Driver Award for Pairs, Kühnle who supports the Singles Top Driver Award. The US company Driving Essentials and the Canadian Freedman Harness support the North American Challenge

Since 2001, Waldfried Dressage Stables is supporting the Euro Future Cup, a Dressage Series aimed at encouraging the progress of Young Riders.

The FEI would like to take this opportunity to thank its faithful sponsors for their ongoing support.


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