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S-J and Farruco

Hacienda dos Olivos

Established since 1995, Hacienda dos Olivos offers a very unique charm. Situated on a thirteen hectare working organic olive estate in the provence of sevilla, visitors are welcomed to experience traditional Andalusian life.

The Hacienda opens its gates to visitors world-wide to feel the magic of Spanish culture. The Spanish, English, German and French speaking household, is very much intergrated with the local community. Steeped in history with olive cultivation, classical equitation and the Spanish Purebred horses, an atmosphere is maintained so that guests can discover Andalucia and all its fine qualities.

The jewel of the estate reflects the special interest of its owner. Johanna Beattie Batista, a renowned classical dressage trainer and rider, shares her love of the Spanish Purebred with great enthusiasim. Johanna has been dedicated to the equestrian world from an early age. She has supervised numerous riding establishments, mainly in Morocco and Spain, as well as competing at National level in show-jumping. Her knowledge of Classical riding stems from wide sources colaborated over the past two decades. Including the Royal School of Equstrian Art in Jerez (Spain), Nuno Oliveira in Portugal, The Cadre Noir (Saumur) and Michel Henriquet in France. Johanna's understanding of classical methods is renowned Internationally and guests have the opportunity to learn an insight into these pure historical methods of training.

Equestrian activities offered at the Hacienda include: Instructional Holidays (with board and lodgings included), Working student courses, training of Spanish horses and exportation of good quality Spanish bloodstock

horses, staff, students and clients
The stable yard lies amidst the olive grove. Built in Andalusian style with Moorish arches and clay tiles, it encompasses a trditional cobbled courtyard and a central fountain, overlooked by thirteen stables. The yard specialises in Classical riding, the oldest and purest form of equitation. The true routes strictly followed which, are so often greatly misunderstood, confused or deviated from in modern equitation. The goal at the Hacienda is that each guest or student achieves the clearest understanding of classical riding. Guests are taught along these classical routes and the fundaments of this equitation using the haciendas very special horses.

Lunge lesson - working on riders position
The horses are all Spanish Purebreds. The characteristics of this breed today remain much the same as the 17th Century, when the great masters of equitation praised its unrivalled qualities for high school work. The techniques of this classical art are refined using the unique Spanish horse for its noble gentle nature, strength and agility. Its elevated movements and compact frame enable the rider to refine the use of their seat, and to feel more acurately the individual movement and response of the horse. Due to the breeds natural abilities, collected, lateral and elevated work are easy to execute. Therefore, the rider is able to feel lightness, balance, cadence and rhythm. This is an invaluable learning experience to improve the riders understanding of their own horse on return to their country.

The horses resident at the Hacienda are allowed to mature with training. Their potential is allowed to grow naturally without force as often evident with conventional training methods. They can be seen worked at various stages from youngsters being currently backed, to advanced schoolmaster stallions. The correct foundation work being the key aspect to the continuation of the training to follow. Visitors can watch the daily training sessions. These can vary from preliminary exercises for lateral movements to work in hand. Helping to prepare and improve the horses athletic ability for movements such as canter flying changes, piaffe and passage.

The presence of the Spanish Purebred encompases the whole magic of Hacienda dos Olivos and its great understanding of Spanish history and culture. From the fruits of the trees which are enjoyed at the table to the delights of Doma classica, Hacienda dos Olivos is open to all. And, when you fall in love with the Spanish Purebred, we can even help you to find your very own, little piece of Spain.

Address: Hacienda dos Olivos,
Apartado de Correos 25,
41840 Pilas
Seville, Spain

Tel/fax: 0034 955 750 562



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