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How Show Jumping World Cup Points Are Earned

Gladstone, NJ—August 19, 2002—There are two Show Jumping World Cup leagues in the United States - East Coast League and West Coast League. The record of the points earned by individual riders (not horse-and-rider combinations) at CSI-W competitions in these leagues is maintained by the United States Equestrian Team (USET).

In general, riders qualify for the Final in the league in which they live. Points may be earned only during the time period of a rider’s home league.

Foreign riders competing in one of the U.S leagues may qualify for the Final from one of the U.S. Leagues, as long as they reside in the United States and gain at least as many points as the lowest-placed competitor qualified for the Final in the league in which they live. This rule applies to Canadian riders living and competing in World Cup qualifying classes in the U.S. as well as to riders from other countries.

U.S. and foreign riders wishing to qualify for the Final in a league other than the one in which they live must notify the U.S. Equestrian Team in writing about the change before they compete in their first World Cup qualifier of that season. If the USET does not receive this notification before a rider’s first class, any points the rider earns will be credited to them in the league in which he or she lives.

East Coast riders are eligible to earn full points in West Coast qualifiers up to and including the sixth-placed World Cup placing, but no points will be awarded to East Coast riders after the sixth-placed World Cup competitor. These “cross-over” points will be counted for a maximum of three competitions. West Coast riders are eligible to earn full points in East Coast qualifiers no matter where they place, as long as the class takes place during the same period as the West Coast League.

Riders who plan to earn points in their home leagues do not need to notify the USET.

For more information, please call Sally Ike, USET Director of Show Jumping Activities, at (908) 234-1251.

The United States Equestrian Team is a non-profit organization that selects, trains, equips and finances equestrians of the highest possible standard to represent our country in major international competition, including the Olympic Games and the World Championships. To accomplish this, the USET seeks out and nurtures the development of talented athletes - riders, drivers and horses - and provides the support and guidance they need to help them attain their fullest potential. For more information on the USET, please call (908) 234-1251, or visit USET ONLINE at


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