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de Boiz Launch New Correct Contact Rein

A Correct Contact Rein designed by Show Jumping Trainer Ernest Dillon and developed and marketed by de Boiz is seeing great success in the showjumping ring.

"A serious fault with the developing show jumping rider is to throw the contact away on the take-off stride which is the precise moment the horse needs the support of the contact", Says trainer Ernest Dillon.

"With the Correct Contact Rein this is almost impossible.

"I have experimented with the reins for over a year with great results from young children on strong ponies, right through to serious adult riders competing over 1.50m courses. Without exception every rider showed a marked improvement in a remarkably short time."

Like many successful ideas, the Correct Contact Rein is simple. It is a "no gadget" way of putting across the feel for the correct contact in the rein with the horse going forward and "up" into the rein rather than the rider pulling the horse about.

"Riding with the reins the correct length requires the rider to maintain a correct contact and so allows the horse through the arm and consequently develops the idea of the arm being an extension of the rein," adds Ernest.

"If the rider does not use his/her legs the horse will not move, so the easy option is to slip the rein and allow the horse to flop forward on his forehand instead of pushing forward off his hind leg."

The Correct Contact Rein is easily adjustable and determined by the conformation of both the horse and rider, which means the rein length is always right. There is also a loop in the rein, which eliminates the strong tension in the rider's arms and shoulders, resulting in the feel on the rein being more sympathetic. It also means that the rein can never slip through the rider's hand.

"As an aid for trainers and riders on the flat and over jumps, the Correct Contact Rein is unique in its simplicity. Its obvious benefits prove themselves almost immediately and if used over a long period will give any rider more confidence in the correct use of the leg and rein aids ," says Ernest.

The Ernest Dillon Correct Contact Rein is priced at around £60.

For more information contact de Boiz on 01845 567840.


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