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CIC** Final Results
Sunday September 23
1) BONZA PUZZLE; Matt Ryan (AUS) 46.4
2) MULLIGAN CREEK; Clayton Fredericks (AUS) 48.6
3) PALMERSTON; Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) 54.0
4) WEE HOT TODDY; Becky George (IRL) 62.0
5) GLENCARA; Vina Buller (IRL) 71.3
6) AKALINA; Sam Deverell (IRL) 72.8

CIC* Final Results
Sunday September 23
1) BUTTER BALL BROWN; Nina Barbour (GBR) 58.6
2) TYRELLA LOVESONG; Susan Shortt (IRL) 60.9
3) DEMI TASSE; John Watson (IRL) 62.1
4) AS GOOD AS GOLD; Stuart Crawford (IRL)63.5
5) AGNES GREY; Colin Halliday (IRL) 66.2
6) WRENS NEST; Ciaran Glynn (IRL) 66.6

CCJ* Final Results
Sunday September 23
1) JUST A NIGHTMARE; Sally Dawson (GBR) 56.8
2) JOE BROWN; Louise Bloomer (IRL)70.8
3) BAYFIELD; Louise Bloomer (IRL) 71.4
4) DROP DEAD GORGEOUS; Chloe Newton (GBR)74.0
5) MIXED UP; Sam Dennigan (IRL) 75.4
6) COSMIC ZERO; Emily MacMahon (IRL) 76.2

CCI** Final Results
Sunday September 23
1) HALLO SPORTSFIELD; Gary Parsonage (GBR) 46.4
2) CONSPICUOUS; Tom Robinson (GBR) 55.6
3) ORBIT DANCER; Nigel Taylor (GBR) 56.4
4) JUST NIMBUS; Caroline Bjoerk (IRL) 59.8
5) STANWICK; Janet Murray (IRL) 61.2
6) BALLYNEETY DUCA; Edmund Gibney (IRL) 66.4

CCI* Final Results
Sunday September 23
1) FIVE BOYS; Kitty Boggis (GBR) 51.8
2) TENPO; Trevor Smith (IRL) 52.0
3) BALLYSODARE; Polly Stockton (GBR) 53.8
4) THE FROG; Clayton Fredericks (AUS) 54.0
5) K E S GLEN HATI; Suzanne Donnelly(IRL) 57.6
6) IVAN ICE; Frances Younghusband (IRL) 59.8

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