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Case Studies…

Debbie McGillivray & Max

I was called regarding a stallion who was exhibiting extremely aggressive behavior. He was becoming unmanageable and the owner was concerned. He was currently stabled at the trainer’s facility in another state and was getting many complaints about his horrific behavior. The trainers classified him as untrainable and dangerous.

When I connected with this horse, I found him to be incredibly sensitive. He flashed me pictures of being beaten in his stall by people who were fearful of him. As I spoke with him my head hurt all over and he indicated that he had a headache that was so severe sometimes he would almost black out. He got so frightened when this happened that he reacted aggressively. He was not a mean horse, he was frightened and in pain. He also showed me a picture of his right front leg, he had a large cut on it and was subsequently lame. He was frightened of anything that was raised toward his head and often reacted by rearing and thrashing out to protect himself. His head hurt so bad, he did not know what to do.

When I spoke with his owner I suggested he seek the services of a Chiropractor for this horse immediately. I explained to him what areas in his body were in pain and felt that a Chiropractor could help. He agreed and had the horse shipped home. After he was treated by the chiropractor, his headaches diminished and his personality changed. He was finally able to enjoy life pain free and his aggressive behavior vanished with it. He is now the proud sire of many new foals and can be handled safely.

This article is kindly provided by Debbie McGillivray.
If you are interested in a personal consultation with your animal please refer to Debbie’s website at or email her at

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