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About Debbie…..

Since childhood, I grew up with a deep love and empathy for animals. In a room full of people, I was the one hanging out in the corner with the cat. Animals have always played a major role in my life and have taught me many personal lessons. It was not until I grew much older that I became aware of the notion of animal communication. I grew more curious and decided to look into it a bit more.

Debbie McGillivray & Champ

Although I was an animal lover, I was skeptical to the idea of animal communication. I decided to enlist the services of a local communicator for my horse and was satisfied with the results. Still skeptical though, I started to come into contact with more and more people who were using communicators. Then, as fate took me by the arm and gave me a gentle nudge in the right direction, I enrolled in an animal communication workshop.

I will never forget my first validated conversation with an animal, it was a goat named Tyler. I walked into the barn and he stood up on his gate and said, “hey you, what do you think of my ornaments”. I laughed out loud and walked over to him. I knelt down before him and admired his horns. He then told me my pants were funny and sent me on my way to communicate with others. When the class was back in session, I told the group about my experience and the instructor laughed and said the staff often refers to Tyler’s horns as ornaments because he always has things hanging from them.

From that point on, I was a believer. My communication abilities continued to grow and the world as I knew it took on a new life. I struggled for thirty some odd years wishing I could find my life’s purpose, and one day it became so clear to me that nothing could stand in my way. I took as many classes as I could find and then dedicated 2 years to practicing with as many animals as I could find on a daily basis until I became confident in my abilities. Since that time, I have become a professional animal communicator and speak with people and animals all over the globe.

I abide by a strict code of ethics developed by Penelope Smith, the pioneer in this field. The animals have changed my life, and for this I hope to expand people’s awareness as to their healing, depth, compassion and unconditional love.

This article is kindly provided by Debbie McGillivray.
If you are interested in a personal consultation with your animal please refer to Debbie’s website at or email her at

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