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About Nayana Morag.

Nayana is a life long horse lover and has ridden and worked with horses from the USA to India and many places between. For many years she lived in the USA, firstly as the horse wrangler on a ranch where she learnt much from the Western way of doing things. Later on she worked freelance, starting youngsters, re-schooling problem horses and teaching riding. In response to the view that problem horses are created by people she developed her own method of teaching horsemanship based on the martial arts and body- awareness. This led to the publication of the "Riding Raps" series of audio tapes.

In 1997 she moved back to England and decided to concentrate on her work with problem horses. This led her to the use of essential oils after a friend introduced her to Caroline Ingraham and her work with aromatherapy for animals. What she found was that using the oils allowed her to unlock a horses character and create an immediate sense of trust that shortened and eased the rehabilitation process.

Nayana went on to certify as an Essential Oils for Animals Therapist and taught a section on Caroline Ingraham's courses called " Problem horses and communication". These days Nayana is to be found in East Devon where she runs workshops for those who wish to use essential oils on their own animals. She travels all over to teach and give talks on the oils and also teaches on the certification course run by the Guild of Essential Oil Therapists for Animals. Because of the way she works it is possibe for you to have an individual consultation for your animal wherever you live just call Nayana on the number below or go to her website.

She also still works with a limited number of "problem" horses and youngsters each year.

Essential Animals Nayana can be reached at
phone/fax 44 (0)1823 680490
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