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Misty: Bowed tendon
Owner: Lauren Nethery
Cherry Valley, CA

Misty bowed her tendon in a riding clinic. My vet diagnosed the condition, and told me the first thing we needed to do was lessen the inflammation. We went to work on her bow with ice packs, painting on a DMSO+medication, wraps and of course, no work. After some of the swelling went down, my vet wanted to go to a blistering agent, to bring heat to the area and increase healing. I went as far as to purchase the blistering product, but wasn't looking forward to using it. I had treated a horse before for a bow and blistering makes them sore and unhappy. I wondered if there was another way to stimulate healing in the area without having to put her, and me, through that.

Misty suffered a bowed tendon

I called Nancy and talked with her about the Acuscope/Myopulse therapy. She said she had been treating horses with bowed tendons, as had many other therapists around the country, and that it worked very well. While Misty wasn't lame, her bow was still very visible and she certainly couldn't handle any work. We started her treatments immediately and I noticed she really enjoyed them, closing her eyes and falling asleep during the sessions. In less than ten days, the visible swelling was virtually gone! We continued her treatments per Nancy's schedule, and with my vet's approval, and within two months, she was looking really good. I rested her for another month and started her walking after that. Right now, she is in reconditioning training using round penning and light riding and doing just great. The condition resolved itself in less than half the time expected. Electro-Acuscope/ Myopulse Therapy really does speed healing, and with no pain or discomfort to the horse. I am glad Nancy lives in my area so I can use her again, should the need arise.

This article and all accompanying illustrations are kindly provided by Nancy Hall of:

Equine Wellness
To learn more about electro-acuscope therapy please click here
Please contact Nancy to find a certified Electro-Acuscope therapist near you.
Nancy Hall email:
Certified Equine Therapist
Beaumont, California (909) 769-3774

A member of Acuscope Therapists of America

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