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An Introduction to Homeopathy
by Meditrina Homoeopathy for Animals

Homoeopathy is a natural medicine which has an affinity with both people and animals.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies

Based on the law of similars which is thousands of years old, a remedy is selected which, when taken in its raw state without homoeopathic preparation, would cause the same symptoms as the illness presented.

When diluted homoeopathically and given in minute quantity , that same substance stimulates the immune system to fight the illness or disease.
Hence ' like may be cured by like.'

The extreme dilution makes homoeopathy very safe and free from harmful side-effects.

Homoeopathy should not be confused with herbal as it comes not only from plants, but animal and mineral sources too giving it a huge range of applications. It is a well researched health science which has been used for thousands of years and is practised world wide.

Our pets are as susceptible as we are to stress, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. As with us, an animal's mental and emotional health is also reflected in its physical well-being .Homoeopathy takes all of these factors into account and reflects the 'personality' as well as the physical symptoms of the animal. Homoeopathy should be combined with a healthy lifestyle to achieve good health and old age.

Homoeopathy is a well-recognised and highly regarded system of natural medicine. It is very successful for the treatment of animals, with numerous additional benefits for the owner and for the progressive retailer.

Despite their size and strength, horses can be surprisingly susceptible to injuries and ailments. This is one of the factors that can make horse ownership such an expensive and sometimes fraught activity. Meditrina can alleviate these problems by providing a specialist range of homoeopathic remedies that can be used safely and effectively in the stable for a very wide range of common equine conditions. Many horse owners now rely on homoeopathic remedies, assured that the right remedy will speed their animal's recovery without risk of the side effects associated with some conventional drugs.

This article and the accompanying illustrations are kindly provided by Meditrina Homeopathy for Animals. To learn more about homeopathy please click here
Meditrina Homeopathy for Animals Meditrina homoeopathic remedies are simple to administer and easy to obtain either direct from the company or from one of our many stockists.
Please click here to visit Meditrina, you will be amazed at what Meditrina Homoeopathy can do for your horse

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