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What’s in the Stars for Your Horse?
(© Kim Devries)

Kim Devries is a Sydney-based Astrologer, who applies the tool of Astrology gain insight into human personalities and horsonalities, relationships and life pathways. Kim consults personally in the Sydney area, and also does tape-recorded consultations via mail order and e-mail for clients further afield. Kim offers various types of astrological consultations, for Human and Horse, at reasonable rates, so please browse her website at for more details! If you would like to contact Kim, her e-mail address is:

Sun-Sign Astrology for your Horse

Just as the Sun is at the centre of our universe, the Sun is the central focus of energy in an equine natal astrology chart. As your horse gains maturity, the energy of the Sun-sign becomes more dominant. This happens, as the Sun sign progressively becomes the synthesis point for the various sides of your horse's personality. The Sun sign represents approximately 70% of the nature your horse's personality. It should, however, be noted that the Sun sign descriptions are of broad personality types. Their accuracy in any given case not only depends on the age of your horse, but also on the overall strength and condition of the Sun, in relation to the natal chart as a whole. This is particularly the case with regard to aspects the Sun forms with other planets in the natal chart.

All of us who are passionate about horses understand that equine personalities are equally as unique and complex as those of our human counterparts are. It is important for us and for our horses that our human and equine personalities are matched in a partnership, so that we can work together for mutual benefit and enjoyment. It is poetry in motion, when human and equine partners trust and respect one another, work together and have fun together. Yet no matter how ideal a relationship may be, there will always be challenges for us to face. If we can embrace these challenges in a positive manner, they give us opportunities for a dynamic and rewarding partnership with our horse. The tool of Astrology can be used to help us make the most of the strengths in our partnership, as well as find positive ways of embracing the challenges.

Sun in Aries

(March 21 – April 20)

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so a horse born under this sun sign likes to be first and is a natural leader. Aries is a cardinal fire sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. The Aries-sun horse is therefore extremely energetic by nature, as well as competitive and decisive. This horse shines when it is given challenges, as it needs to test itself in competition. Whilst an Aries horse needs to be given space mentally and emotionally within the partnership to take some initiatives, you do need to teach this horse to think before it acts. The Aries-sun horse's impulsiveness can otherwise lead it into difficulties! The Aries horse also needs physical space to do its own thing each day, as it is such a bundle of energy and loves to be busy and active. It needs to run free in a field and challenge itself against other horses by playing dominance games and testing its physical strength. As Aries rules the head, this horse may have something about the head, which attracts attention. For this reason, many Aries-sun horses have a noticeable feature or a cut or scar somewhere on the head. The Aries horse may also be prone to bumping or hitting its head!

Sun in Taurus

(April21 – May 21)

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and is a fixed earth sign, which is ruled by the planet Venus. The Taurus-sun horse is therefore naturally a dependable, placid and affectionate horse that yearns for comfort and routine. This horse loves to be touched and will bond with you very strongly if you brush and massage it regularly. The Taurus-sun horse is also very food-focused, and needs the reassurance of a predictable feeding routine. This horse loves sleeping and lazing about, so a comfortable stable or shady trees in the field are important! A Taurus horse needs to feel secure mentally and emotionally within the partnership, and dislikes changes in routine. It may have trouble adjusting to new situations and needs to be treated with patience and calmness; otherwise it may become downright obstinate and totally refuse to cooperate with you! Like the bovine symbol of its sign, the Taurus horse is naturally a herd animal, and likes the security of being together with other horses. As Taurus rules the throat, this horse may have something about the neck, which attracts attention. It may be, for example noticeably long or short. It could also be that the Taurus horse nickers or whinnies in a distinctive manner!

Sun in Gemini

(May 22 – June 21)

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and is a mutable air sign, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. The Gemini-sun horse is therefore naturally a curious, alert and versatile horse that loves learning. This horse loves to communicate and will bond with you very quickly if you take time to learn its body language and play games together on a regular basis. The Gemini-sun horse is also very fun loving, and needs the versatility of a whole array of different types of activities. In short, the Gemini-sun horse wants to be an all-rounder! A Gemini-sun horse needs to be stimulated mentally and emotionally within the partnership, and be given the opportunity to express its sense of humour in a positive manner. Otherwise it may get bored very quickly, and will then become inattentive and flighty. Like the Gemini symbol of the twins, this horse does not like being alone and naturally has two sides to its personality. This horse loves companionship and will make friends with animals of other species if it cannot have the company of horses. Occasionally couples choose to share a horse, so the Gemini-sun horse and would naturally be at ease with the idea of two human partners! As Gemini rules the chest, it is important that this horse gets as much fresh air as possible.

Sun in Cancer

(June 22 – July 22)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and is a cardinal water sign, which is ruled by the Moon. The Cancer-sun horse is therefore naturally shy and sensitive. This horse loves its home surroundings and will bond with you steadfastly if you nurture it with firmness, love and gentleness. In return, your Cancer-sun horse will shine by being affectionate to you and very protective of you. It is important to do activities together that give it an emotional outlet, as this horse tends to bottle things up and brood on them. As the Cancer-sun horse definitely does not like confrontation, you need to find a way to allow it emotional space to express outlet these pent up feelings! A Cancer-sun horse needs to be given emotional security within the partnership, otherwise it may get defensive, and will then try to get your attention through fearful and clingy behaviour. As Cancer rules the stomach, the Cancer-sun horse is prone to having a nervous stomach. It is therefore important to take time to plan a sensible, well-balanced feeding routine for your Cancer-sun horse.

Sun in Leo

(July 23 – August 23

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and is a fixed fire sign, which is ruled by the Sun. The Leo-sun horse is therefore naturally generous, confident and dignified. This horse loves being the centre of attention and will shine at a show! The Leo-sun horse loves to be noticed and will be loyal to you if you lavish your undivided affection and show it fair leadership It is important to acknowledge all the positive attributes in your Leo-sun horse and treat it with respect. Never take your Leo-sun horse for granted, otherwise it may try to gain your attention by being absolutely bombastic! Your Leo-sun horse will shine even more if you give it the authority to make decisions within your partnership. If you do not do this, then your Leo-sun horse may switch off and become lazy and indolent. Like the leonine symbol of this sign, the Leo-sun horse has a naturally courageous spirit, which means that it really enjoys the thrill of competition. As Leo rules the heart and the thoracic region, the Leo-sun horse is prone to problems in these areas if its needs for leadership, loyalty, fairness and love are not met within your partnership.

Sun in Virgo

(August 24 – September 22)

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and is a mutable earth sign, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. The Virgo-sun horse is therefore naturally a perceptive and discriminating horse that yearns to be of service to you. This horse not only needs mental stimulation, but also wants to refine its communication skills with you and will bond with you in a discriminating manner if you take time to learn its body language. A Virgo-sun horse is naturally clean and tidy and enjoys being groomed. You need to take special care with your Virgo-sun horse's diet, as this horse naturally has a sensitive constitution and is therefore prone to allergies. Virgo-sun horses are worriers by nature, and will get highly stressed if they suddenly have a lot of pressure placed on them. You need to give them plenty of time and reassurance in training. It is important to make sure that they are educated to cope physically, mentally and emotionally, before taking them out into a competitive situation. Otherwise, you could risk your Virgo equine partner developing chronic stress-related habits that will show up in competition. Being near water would benefit your Virgo-sun horse too, as clean water helps to clear away any negative energy, which they may pick up, due to their sensitivity.

Sun in Libra

(September 23 – October 22)

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and is a cardinal air sign, which is ruled by the Venus. The Venusian influence upon the physique of the Libra-sun horse is evident in its natural beauty, balance and poise. This horse is also innately outgoing and charming. More than anything, this horse wants to be popular, and will seek to be on good terms with everyone. Your Libra-sun horse will actively go out of its way to initiate friendships. It is important to do activities together that give it a sense of companionship. In building your partnership with your Libra-sun horse, you will come to realise that it is innately indecisive, so it will expect you to communicate constantly your intentions. This horse will also feel more secure if you make the decisions and stick by them. Your Libra-sun horse will go out of its way to please you and accommodate all your wishes, so it is important that you appreciate this, and treat it fairly and justly. Your Libra-sun horse will demand, in the most charming of ways that you give as much as it does. This horse's aim is to seek balance in whatever it does. As Libra rules the kidneys and the lumbar region, the Libra-sun horse is prone to sensitivities or health problems in these areas. Generally this will only occur if your Libran horse's needs for peace, harmony fairness within the partnership are not met.

Sun in Scorpio

(October 23 – November 22)

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and is a fixed water sign, which is ruled by the planet Pluto. The Scorpio-sun horse therefore has a natural dramatic intensity, deep sensitivity and tremendous staying power. This horse generally has a robust and strong build, with keenly penetrating eyes and a magnetic aura. Due to Pluto's rulership of Scorpio, the issue of power is a key in your relationship with your Scorpio-sun horse. This horse will be deeply loyal to you if you treat it with gentleness, affection and firmness. If you take time to earn its trust by proving that you are a leader who is sensitive to its emotional needs, then it will give its all to you. If, however, you abuse your power by trying to bully or dominate the Scorpio-sun horse with physical threats and intimidation, then you risk turning your horse into a frightened and dangerous being that will defend itself to the bitter end, regardless of the consequences. The Scorpio- sun horse needs to be given opportunities to let off emotional steam, for its all-round well being. It is therefore important to integrate activities into your ongoing training routine, that provide this outlet, as well as give it reassurance of your trustworthiness as a leader. The Scorpio-sun horse loves to play in water, and as clear water helps to remove negative energy, it would have an emotionally therapeutic effect on this horse. Like the scorpionic symbol of its sign, the Scorpio-sun horse is naturally inscrutable, and does not trust easily, so is often misunderstood. As the sign of Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, this horse may be prone to difficulties in this area, if it holds onto negative emotions.

Sun in Sagittarius

(November 23 – December20)

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and is a mutable fire sign, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The Sagittarius-sun horse is therefore naturally self-confident, honest, generous and free-spirited. This horse needs physical and mental freedom, so it is important to let your Sagittarius-sun horse out into a large open area as often as possible. If frustrated by confinement, this horse is prone to injury or depression and may learn how to let itself out! This horse loves to roam and is a natural escape-artist! The Sagittarius-sun horse has a youthful nature, and somehow never seems to grow up! The Sagittarius-sun horse always seems much younger than its years, because of its fun-loving, playful and energetic nature. Whilst this horse loves learning, it needs to be given variety in its routines. If you remember that "variety is the spice of life" for your Sagittarius-sun horse, then it will shine within your partnership. If you do not do this, then your Sagittarius-sun horse will become bored and restless, and will find ways of taking control, so that it can have some fun! Like the centaur symbol of this sign, the Sagittarius-sun horse has a naturally expansive spirit, which means that it really enjoys the thrill of adventure. As Sagittarius rules the hips, flanks and stifles, this horse is prone to problems in these areas if his or her needs for freedom and fun are not met within your partnership.

Sun in Capricorn

(December 21 – January 20)

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and is a cardinal earth sign, which is ruled by the planet Saturn. The Capricorn-sun horse is therefore naturally serious, responsible, and patient. This horse needs the security of living in a well-ordered environment, which has clearly defined rules and regulations. Your Capricorn-sun horse will work tenaciously for you and share your ambitions for success, as long as you clearly define the boundaries of right and wrong when working together. Your Capricorn-sun horse is generally unwilling to take risks on the spur of the moment, as it is naturally deliberate and cautious. Even though this horse may seem a little melancholic and pessimistic, it actually has a sensitive personality. If you regularly show your appreciation of this horse through the comfort of a good grooming session and massage, then it will shine for you. As the sign of Capricorn rules the knees, hocks and gaskins, it is important to take care to support this horse's legs by bandaging before a work out, otherwise your horse may develop problems in these areas. Capricorn horses also have sensitive skin and are prone to chills in cooler weather, so good skin care and adequate rugging and warm stabling are advisable. Horses born under the Sun sign of Capricorn are somewhat of an enigma in many ways! When this horse is young, its personality seems so serious, sensible and docile that it comes across as being much older than it is. When older, this horse relaxes more, enjoys working hard and usually lives to a ripe old age.

Sun in Aquarius

(January 21 – February 19)

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and is a fixed air sign, which is ruled by the planet Uranus. The Aquarius-sun horse is therefore determined and friendly, yet also naturally quirky. This horse is not so much dependent upon its environment for security, as it derives most of its security from being in the company of others. The Aquarian-sun horse will thrive living in a herd, and has the ability to form friendships with everyone. This horse will work tenaciously for you if you find ways of engaging its mind through unusual and unorthodox approaches in training and riding. The Aquarius-sun horse's behaviour will always have an unpredictable quality, so life is never boring with this horse! The somewhat eccentric and erratic nature of the Aquarian-sun personality strives to cut through superficialities and test sincerity on all levels. If your horse is convinced of your authenticity, then it will shine for you. As the sign of Aquarius rules the fetlocks and flexor tendons, it is important to take care to support your horse's legs by bandaging before a work out, otherwise your horse may develop problems in this area. Even though it may not be apparent, the Aquarius-sun horse is prone to nervous tension, so it is important for you as an owner to spend adequate time with your horse, doing activities, which build your friendship and help your horse to relax.

Sun in Pisces

(February 20 – March 20)

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and is a mutable water sign, which is ruled by the planet Neptune. The Pisces-sun horse is therefore extremely sensitive, impressionable, and a dreamer. This horse is unusually reactive to the atmosphere of its environment, and aggressive behaviour or harsh words will have a shattering effect on its very gentle nature. It is therefore important to accommodate your Pisces-sun horse in a tranquil place, preferably near a large body of water, which will help to protect it from negative energy. For this horse's emotional well being, it needs to be given the opportunity to escape into its own dream world on a regular basis. The Pisces-sun horse will have a natural desire to belong to and be dependent upon you for security, and will also enjoy the companionship of kind-natured horses. If you give this horse a strong sense of itself by treating it with a lot of tenderness and love, it will work for you unselfishly and devotedly. To really get the best out of your Pisces-sun horse, you also need to find a way to engage its imagination. Pisceans particularly like soothing music, so you may find that your Pisces-sun horse enjoys working with you to music! As the sign of Pisces rules the feet, you should take particular care with this horse's hooves, heels and coronets; otherwise your horse may develop problems in this area. As the owner of a Pisces-sun horse, you should dedicate as much time as you can to do activities with your horse, which help it to believe in you, as this horse wants to idealise you in its mind and heart.

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