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Photograph by Sally Anne Thompson
The Welsh Pony, Cob & Part Bred

The Welsh breeds are the most beautiful and aristocratic of all the native ponies and their influence is so widespread that it is not difficult to trace the presence of Welsh blood in many animals successful in equestrian events of all sorts throughout the world.

The Stud Book contains four sections:

The Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A)

The Welsh Pony (Section B)

The Welsh Pony of Cob Type (Section C)

The Welsh Cob (Section D)

There is also the Welsh Part Bred Register for animals with not less than 25% pure Registered Welsh blood.

Welsh Mountain Ponies are believed to be descended from the Celtic Pony and to have existed in the mountains of Wales for over a thousand years, enduring great hardship and often persecution. As a result of this hardship, these ponies have developed a hardiness of constitution and an intelligence which has made them one of the finest foundations for horse breeding in the World. Today the Welsh Mountain Pony is acknowledged to be the world’s most beautiful pony.

For many generations the Welsh Pony (Section B) was the main means of transport for shepherds and hill farmers. With the increased popularity of children’s riding ponies, around 1930, this breed has developed along these lines whilst retaining adequate bone and substance, hardiness and constitution, combined with the usual kind temperament which is such an outstanding characteristic of all Welsh breeds.

From references in early Welsh literature it is apparent that the Welsh Cob was well established as a breed by the 15th century. The Welsh Cob is the ideal family horse, being strong enough to carry an adult and quiet enough to carry a child. Courage, activity, intelligence and a natural ability to jump make them ideal hunters for rough or hilly country. They take readily to harness and their success in International Driving Competitions has made them world renowned.

The Welsh Ponies of Cob type share all the characteristics of their larger brothers. With the increasing popularity of trekking, for which they are ideally suited, they are much in demand and their future seems assured.

The merits of the Welsh breeds are well known world wide, consequently they are in great demand for crossing with other breeds and a Welsh Part-Bred Register is contained within the Stud Book. This is for horses, cobs and ponies with a minimum of 25% registered Welsh blood and these animals can been seen competing successfully in jumping, eventing, driving and riding competitions or in the hunting field.

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