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Animal Communication


Animal Communication is the ability to converse with animals through telepathy (an exchange of pictures, thoughts, words, emotions and feelings). Animal Communicator, Debbie McGillivray uses her ability to help people and animals understand each other on a deeper level. “My goal as an animal communicator is to bridge the gap of understanding between people and animals to cultivate healing, understanding and growth. It is through this subtle communication that questions are answered, compromise is achieved and harmony restored.”

A few years ago, if I told people I had the ability to speak with animals, I would probably be referred to as nice but a little nuts. To this day, my family still refers to me as Debbie Doolittle, but thanks to the many pioneers of this vision, animal communication has become a respected means whereby people can gain a greater understanding of their animal companions. In my work as a communicator I view each animal/situation as unique. Animals are truly amazing beings who have complex thoughts and emotions. They have a spiritual awareness that sometimes far exceeds our preconceived notions. I feel honored to be able to communicate with so many animals on such a deep level.

Animal Communication…

Have you ever wondered how your cat always knows when you are supposed to take her to the vet and conveniently hides, or your dog gets depressed a few days before you are due to go on vacation or how a flock of birds handle such intricate flight patterns? The answer is simple – telepathy. Animals communicate through telepathy all the time. Humans, given the proper mind set, training and outlook, have the ability to communicate with animals this way too.

How does it work…

Telepathy knows no time or space so I work primarily over the phone long distance to locations all over the globe. Simply by speaking with the person over the telephone is enough to establish a telepathic connection to the animal the person is calling about. I ask the person to give me a brief description of the animal; name, age, sex, color and their geographical location. Then I will ask them what questions they have for their animal. An example of some of the common questions I get are: Does my horse like his/her stable, trainer, saddle, bridle, bit, shoes, blanket, grain, hay? What are his/her likes and dislikes? How does their body feel, any pains? What is their life purpose? What do they have to teach me? Do they have advice for me? Why do they buck, rear, kick, bite, spook etc?

When I ask an animal a question I receive from them pictures (like a movie playing in my head), thoughts (I will hear their thoughts in my head) and feelings (I will feel emotions and pain within my body). For example, just recently a woman called me about her young Arabian gelding. She was concerned because he was not performing as well as he used to. When I connected to him, I felt his frustration. He was an overachiever and very eager to please but felt very frustrated lately because his body was not moving as efficiently as possible. I felt pain in my left hip which corresponded to his left stifle and felt it was out of alignment. He showed me a picture of him moving and showed me the twist in his step behind and I could feel his frustration within himself. He was having trouble getting his hind end underneath himself due to his stifle soreness. He also showed me a picture of his head with his eyes squinting and dull, and I felt his dull headache throbbing in my forehead . I relayed this information to his owner and she called her chiropractor right away who adjusted him. Within a few days his eyes were bright again and he was moving better than ever.

People are usually curious as to how they will know I am actually connecting to their horse. When I first connect to their animal, I will get a general feeling for the energy they are sending me. Most horses are very eager to communicate and are wonderful at it. As I begin to ask them questions their personality will start to come through and the owners will usually have no doubt that I am actually speaking with their horse. I also work closely with veterinarians and chiropractors who are open to the idea of animal communication, which helps to verify my findings in regards to the horse’s physical complaints.

I specialize in horses, but some of my other clients consist of dogs, cats and birds. I have also spoken extensively with dolphins, whales, llamas, birds, gorillas, goats etc. All animals communicate telepathically, but in order for them to speak to us, we must view them with respect and adoration. We must not judge or categorize. We must view all creatures as individual and incredible and then the telepathic doors will open.

We all hold the key to open telepathic doors….

The most amazing part of animal communication is that we all hold this ability. We were all born with the ability to use telepathy. I am sure you can think of a few instances when your telepathy and intuition impacted you in some way. When we are young we are taught the importance of verbal communication and our telepathy gets pushed aside. Once we reclaim this treasure, dust it off and begin to use it again, we find how incredible it really is. Telepathy is like a muscle, we must exercise it on a daily basis in order to keep it strong. The more we use it the better it becomes.”

Case Studies
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Meet Debbie McGillivray
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This article is kindly provided by Debbie McGillivray.
If you are interested in a personal consultation with your animal please refer to Debbie’s website at or email her at

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